Lan Na: The Best of The West

Translated by(中文) See Yee Herng

A favorite among expats for its fusion of Eastern and (relatively) Western flavors, Yunnan food has come into its own in the last few years. And with ambitious venues like Lan Na, this is a culinary trend in the city that shows no sign of abating. 

Sand River Cashmere: Here's Looking At You, Kid

Translated by(中文) See Yee Herng

Tending young goats on the isolated grasslands of Inner Mongolia might not appear the most obvious route to becoming a leading name in the Shanghai fashion world. But then Juliet Guo is no ordinary businesswoman. 


Ting Ballet School: The Red Shoes

Translated by(中文) See Yee Herng

Since Jiang Qing first popularized Chinese ballet with her production of The Red Detachment of Women back in the 1970s, the artform has gradually found a foothold in Chinese life and culture. We look at a Shanghai school busy creating the next generation of dancers.


Biomobie Medical Center: Your Life in Your Hands

Translated by(中文) See Yee Herng

After seeing his 10 uncles and aunts die prematurely from heart-related conditions, Jack Wang began to consider his own mortality at a young age. Today he heads up a treatment center that could revolutionize healthcare. 

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The Art of Engagement

Membership of a private club was once the ultimate accessory in elite social circles. A latter-day version in Shanghai is hoping to show it still has the capacity to impress. 


Capital Pleasures

Trying to recreate the vibe of a city 7,000 miles away is an almost impossible task. And yet this relative newcomer to the city's F&B scene will have you believing you've never left the 'big smoke'. 


The Rock of Ages

Buying a ring for your nearest and dearest is not a decision taken lightly. Even less so when it's a proposal and costing you a month's salary. And one studio is offering a unique experience when it comes to creating the perfect ring. 


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KÄFER by The Binjiang One

KÄFER by The Binjiang One

KÄFER by The Binjiang One is ideally located on the banks of the placid Huangpu River, just a stone’s throw from Shanghai’s financial and commercial hub. The restaurant serves contemporary European cuisine paired with a stellar service. The three-storied building is also home to a snow bar, an underground wine cellar and different themed private rooms.

LuJiaZui - Binjiang Da Dao, Fucheng Rd, Shibu Jie

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