DOZO Izakaya: Dine In, With The In Crowd

by Paul Collins

After years of hosting celebrities, business moguls, and the ranks of elite society back in its native Taiwan, DOZO Izakaya finally made it to the mainland in 2010 to similar, starstruck fanfare. Enjoy Shanghai checks out life in the limelight. 





The Great Escape!

by Yeo Hwee Yanne Translated by(中文) Yeo Hwee Yanne

Would you pay good money to be trapped in a room for an hour with just a handful of baffling clues to help you break out? More and more people are doing precisely that with 'escape room' games moving beyond cyberspace and into the real world.

Ting Ballet School: The Red Shoes

by Paul Collins

Since Jiang Qing first popularized Chinese ballet with her production of The Red Detachment of Women back in the 1970s, the artform has gradually found a foothold in Chinese life and culture. We look at a Shanghai school busy creating the next generation of dancers.


Do You Speak-a My Language?

by Paul Collins

Learning - or more often, putting off learning - Chinese is something most expats struggle with. Thankfully, there's a growing number of enlightened schools and educators, Mandarin Campus among them, who aim to make this endeavor as painless as possible. 

Corso Como 10: Chefs in the City

Shanghai's top Italian chefs kicked off another round of charity dinners last week, delighting more than 50 guests with a 5-course feast. Under host chef Corrado Michelazzo, highlights included 3 different amuse bouche and a new CITC cocktail. Profits go to cancer center, Hand in Hand.

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Haven Sent

After the vampiric stylings and gothic excess of their debut Shanghai venue, visitors to the latest venture from the folks behind Haven may be surprised by the relative sedateness of it all.But that's the whole point, as Enjoy Shanghai finds out.    


A Sketchy Business

by Meredith Cox

Have you ever fancied the life of a tortured, penniless artist whose work is ripped apart on a daily basis? Nor me. But a new venture in Shanghai is aiming to prove the art world isn’t as bad as it’s painted.


The Sweet Smell of Success

Rescuing a doomed eatery might seem like little more than an act of charity. But for this Turkish restaurateur it was to herald a mini-empire in the making. 


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Pasha Turkish Restaurant

Pasha Turkish Restaurant

Set up in a cozy wooden house overlooking Nanchang Rd, Pasha serves authentic Turkish cuisine. Their menu features more than just kebabs (though they have those too), including stuffed eggplants, grilled meats, salads, yogurts, hummus plates, and much more. In addition, they import all of their beer and wine from Turkey. Check them out for a casual lunch or a more refined dinner experience.

French Concession - 262 Nanchang Rd near Ruijin 2 Rd

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