How to Take A Bus in Shanghai for Dummies

Taxis? Waay too pompous. Metro? Pssh, what are you, a mole? Join the VIP Bus Club. read more

By Jane Polubotko

GET TICKETS | Skrillex Headlining Budweiser Storm Festival Oct 1st-2nd

That's right, the man synonymous with wubbage himself! And some lucky up-and-coming DJs might get to play on the same stage with him! YOU ARE NOT READY FOR THE WUBS. read more

By Enjoy Team

The Lonely Hearts Club: Shanghai's Marriage Market in the Age Of Tinder

Intrepid explorer of the human condition Juli Min takes a walk through the People's Park marriage market, and ask whether it's all just for show by now. read more

By Juli Min

Let Me Take Your Selfie | China Girl by Thierry Coulon

A French photographer in Shanghai with an eye for hidden talents has put together a series showcasing 60 Chinese women from all walks of life. Each portrait is designed to highlight what they feel makes them unique, and it’s just become a Kickstarter project.
 read more

By Alex Panayotopoulos

The Shanghainese App That Conquered America

Caroline Wu gives us the blow by blow on this standout app grown right here in Shanghai, like hairy crab. read more

11 Things You'll Need In Shanghai (and Probably Nowhere Else)

Exhaustion? Check. Distressing drinking habit? Check. Soul-crushing loneliness? Check. Face mask? read more

By Jane Polubotko

How to Get Your Phone Back (After You Left It in a Shanghai Cab)

You went ahead and left your phone in the back of a Shanghai cab. And we know what kind of stuff you keep in your phone. So we know how important it is that you get that phone back like, NOW. read more

By Jane Polubotko

5 Hidden Coffee Shops in Shanghai You'll Never Find Without Us

There's no shame in admitting you don't know every place in the city to get caffeinated. read more

By Alex Panayotopoulos

How to Get Married (and Divorced) in Shanghai

The logical next step(s) after Chinese Valentine's Day! read more

By Jane Polubotko

Are Pets Protected By Chinese Law?

Warning: some people might be disturbed by the images, and anyone with a soul will be saddened.  read more

By Enjoy Team

4 Cafes With a Whole Bunch of Cats In Them

We sent Kenny deep into cat territory, to try out five different cat cafes, to see if they're up to scratch post, or if they're a whisker from being a catastrophe. read more

By Kenny Ong

How To Call Home On An Actual Phone

If you're from Solomon Islands, East Timor, Papua New Guinea, Norfolk or Cuba, maybe give this method a miss. You'll see why. read more

By Jane Polubotko

5 Fitness Boutiques For People Who Really Hate Gyms

No leering lunks, no rowdy rack runners, no bench bros, no mirror monkeys. And most importantly, no pressure that you don't belong here, wimp. read more

By Jane Polubotko

Snow Bar: The Nuke-Button in the War on Summer

For too long, the heat has been oppressing us. The fightback starts today, and we're cranking it up to -11*C. read more

By Kenny Ong

How to Get the Most Fapiao (For Your Company Expenses!)

We tell you how to improve your paper trail, without worrying about the reason. read more

By Alex Panayotopoulos

Zhang Leping Museum | A Child's View of China's (Sometimes Dark) History

You may not have heard of Sanmao, Zhang Leping's iconic comic character. The poor cartoon boy's been through a lot. Tucked away in the French Concession is a museum to his creator. read more

By Crimson Duckett

StormFit's Bubble Butt Program Is An Inspiring Pain in the A**

We're going for the EnjoyShanghai record of most butts in an article, and Sasha from StormFit is here to help us. read more

By Jane Polubotko

How to Eat Fried Dumplings (Without Injuring Yourself)

How to avoid immolating yourself while eating fried dumplings. read more

By Monica Liau

What's It Really Like Being A Chinese Interpreter?

Heard of "Les Interprètes"? It's a pretty popular TV show spotlighting, of all people, Chinese interpreters in Zurich. We talk to a real-life UN interpeter Professor Harry Dai to see how much the show gets right. read more

By Vicki Zhang

Food Review | The Great Leader's Glorious Eternal Kitchen?

Alexandre Gobin takes us beyond the 38th parallel (sort of) for a taste of kimchi that might be as cold as the region's prospects for democracy. read more

By Alexandre Gobin

7 Places To Pretend You're In France This Bastille Day

France, you've had kind of a tough time of it recently. You deserve a party. Here's where to drink a lot of table wine and pretend you're back home. read more

Yongkang Road Is Getting Shut Down And That's Not All

Looks like Xuhui's going to be getting a lot of attention and some might not survive the scrutiny. read more

By Alex Panayotopoulos

Website Updates! Notice Anything Different?

Updates updates updates! How does it all work? read more

By Enjoy Team

6 Places to Watch The Euro Cup Final in Shanghai Tonight

Trying to find the best place to stay up until the 5 AM watching 22 men kick a resilient balloon around? We've got 6 places with big screens and good deals on. read more

By Enjoy Team