How to Enjoy a Typhoon

Alex, twenty-time typhoon champion, explains how a storm, given the right precautions, can be just the start to an auspicious night... read more

By Alex Panayotopoulos

An American Reviews American Fastfood in Shanghai

Ever wondered if American fastfood in Shanghai is as good as it is back home? We made an American intern eat nothing but fastfood for a week to find out. read more

By Sam Thomas

Car Explodes Into Flame Near People's Square Earlier Today, Injuring One

As if the weather wasn't hot enough as it is. (We can joke because no one was seriously injured) read more

By Enjoy Team

Interview | Lulu Galore's Taste of Old Shanghai

After nearly a year in her hometown Shanghai, Beijing's starlet Lulu Galore's finally got her own troupe, Luluz Folliez. They're debuting this Friday, read more

By Alex Panayotopoulos

8 Places To Make America Great Again This 4th of July

Try demanding discounts everywhere for the birthdate of the greatest nation on Earth. read more

By Enjoy Team

Food Review | WTF Is A Trdelnik And Does It Taste Any Good?

A full suit of armour pops up on the corner of Changle Road and it's attached to a store selling a Czech delicacy we'd almost forgot existed. But is it any good? read more

By Alex Panayotopoulos

Theatre Review | Psycho Beach Party is Exactly What The Name Says

Urban Aphrodite's odd tale from the 60's Malibu surf scene involves enormous men in drag, an inflatable set, and a main character with a lot of personality... literally. Bring a pillow to cushion your brain. read more

By Claire Lily Squire

How to Get Rid of Mold & Cockroaches This Summer: A War on Two Fronts

It's humid, and that means more of two things; mold and cockroaches. Your fightback starts today! read more

By Nathan Thomas

WWE is Piledriving Mercedes-Benz Arena On September 10th, and John Cena Speaks F!@#ING Chinese

Seriously, he could crush Zuckerberg, and not just literally. Oh, and WWE LIVE EVENT IN SHANGHAI THIS SEPTEMBER read more

By Alex Panayotopoulos

Interview| Lǐ Shǒubái and Preserving Shanghai's Crucial Hǎipài Culture

Hǎipài may not be a word you've heard often, but it describes what many of us love about Shanghai. We speak to Lǐ Shǒubái, an artist whose work revolves around preserving the glory days of Shanghai's lane culture. read more

What's Up? | Where To Show Some Pride This Weekend

It's been a rough week for the LGBT community worldwide (or rather, more than usualy), but in a sign that there's hope in the world, Shanghai's got a raft of PRIDE activities to help you show your support and love. read more

By Enjoy Team

Why Mr. X's Silent Hill Was Such a Letdown (And How To Make It Better)

Sam experiences his first escape room and let's just say it doesn't live up to his expectations re: pants-wetting terror. read more

By Sam Thomas

Seven Days of Sabor | Discount Set-Menus at the Best Spanish Restaurants in Shanghai

Sabor isn't just holding its Fusion event, they've also partnered with some of the finest establishments in the city to offer discounted set-menus by Michelin-star chefs for the whole week! read more

By Enjoy Team

Updated: Explosion at Pudong Int'l Airport Terminal 2 Leaves 5 Injured, 1 Critical

A small explosion ripped through the check-in line at Pudong International Airport's Terminal 2. Reports now suggest 5 injured people, including one with self-inflicted wounds. read more

By Enjoy Team

The Hard and Fast Guide to Dragonboat Festival

Duānwǔ Festival in Shanghai! Zòngzi, Zhòngwǔ, Qū Yuán's suicide and arsenic wine! Do you have no idea what we're talking about? This is the article for you. read more

By Enjoy Team

What's Up During Dragonboat Festival?

Your one-stop resource for figuring out what's up and what to do for Dragon Boat Festival. read more

By Enjoy Team

Fatburger is Opening Soon in Shanghai and Why That's Great News

Matthew Lu is a bit of a Fatburger fan. A Fatfan. A fan o' Fat. And he's here to tell you why you should be psyched that Shanghai Fatburger is going to be a thing real soon. read more

By Matthew Lu

Interview | Simon Wilde on Picking Up Where Pollock Left Off (And Burning Stuff to Make Art)

We speak to the slightly mad, gregarious Aussie who's just setting up in M50 about picking up where Jackson Pollock left off, and making art with fire. read more

By Enjoy Team

Brunch Review | Get Classy at 10 Corso Como

Claudio walks in on Chef Corrado's excellent, Michelin-starred brunch set and walks out heavier, happier and heartily impressed. read more

By Claudio Grillenzoni

NBA Star Willie Cauley-Stein Visits Shanghai To Pimp California And Teach Basketball

NBA star Willie Cauley-Stein shows up in Shanghai to shoot some hoops and take part in a weirdly knowledgeable game of charades. read more

By Enjoy Team

10 Weirdest Street Names in Shanghai (Most of Them Are About Pigs)

You ever wondered what those streetnames mean? We do. So we picked 10 of the weirdest we could find. Hint: most of them have something to do with pig read more

By Kibon Xu