Car Explodes Into Flame Near People's Square Earlier Today, Injuring One

As if the weather wasn't hot enough as it is. (We can joke because no one was seriously injured) read more

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What's Up? | Where To Show Some Pride This Weekend

It's been a rough week for the LGBT community worldwide (or rather, more than usualy), but in a sign that there's hope in the world, Shanghai's got a raft of PRIDE activities to help you show your support and love. read more

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Updated: Explosion at Pudong Int'l Airport Terminal 2 Leaves 5 Injured, 1 Critical

A small explosion ripped through the check-in line at Pudong International Airport's Terminal 2. Reports now suggest 5 injured people, including one with self-inflicted wounds. read more

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What's Up During Dragonboat Festival?

Your one-stop resource for figuring out what's up and what to do for Dragon Boat Festival. read more

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FYI | Truck Tears Road a New One, and Other News

There's a new rip in the Middle Ring Road, and other news... read more

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CC | Shanghai's Darker Side feat. Amey Kandalgaonkar

This week, we're featuring Amey Kandalgaonkar's supremely eerie "Dark Deco" series, transforming Shanghai's iconic, imposing buildings into film noir nightscapes. read more

Top 5 Ways To NOT Waste Your Labour Day Weekend in Shanghai

五一劳动节快乐!That means Happy Labour Day. You deserve a rest, and we're here to suggest ways to enjoy the long weekend WITHOUT coming back in to work feeling like you wasted it on take-out and cat videos. read more

Shanghai Town & Country Club Breaks A New Guiness World Record

The first premier private family club invested by Dongdu Group in Shanghai, Shanghai Town & Country Club (STCC) challenged a new Guiness World Record together with its members – the longest postcard line formed by a total of 12,000 cards. read more

10 Things About Living in Shanghai You Wish Someone Warned You About

Resident total Shanghai Newbie Claire Lily Squire provides us with some insight into all the things that no one warned her about that the rest of us have just learned to ignore, so that we may laugh at her. read more

By Claire Lily Squire

10 Most Expensive Cigarette Brands in China (and Who's Impressed By Them)

It's time upgrade your crumpled pack of cancer-causing carcinogenics to something that'll cost your monthly salary. read more

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Rabbit Racing and Other 2016 Shanghai Easter Events

This is Kenny Ong's rundown on the 2016 Shanghai Easter Events. Illegal rabbit racing, face painting, egg painting, face egging, and did we mention rabbit racing? read more

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You Don't Know | Why We Drink on St. Patrick's Day

Why the hell do we drink on St. Paddy's Day; EnjoyShanghai has a theory. read more

CC | Love What You Do feat. Oliver Shou

This week's Communal Camera features the environmental work of US-born photographe Oliver Shou. read more

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RANT | One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Claire Lily Squire decides to celebrate International Women's Day by checking to see how the march for women's equality is going. read more

By Claire Lily Squire

11 Most Annoying Types of WeChat Friends

How many of these do you know? How many are you? read more

By Quintana Hoyne

Romantic Valentine's Gift? There's An App For That

Will we never be free of this nightmarish "giving" culture and all this "romance"? At least there's an app that makes it a bit easier to express your love. read more

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What Do You Do For a Week in an Empty City?

Dominic has promised a week that's so lovely, you'll almost forget that you've been abandonned by all your friends. Alex will be seeing if it works. Follow along. read more

Find Out How Much You'll Spend At Disneyland

Cheapest Disneyland tickets in the world, baby, right here in Shanghai! But don't let those savings go to your head, you could still sink a money bomb on a day trip... read more

4 Fake Sales to Skip for CNY

Chinese New Year sales season is a vulnerable time for wallets everywhere. read more

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