Weather Alert Still Causing Flight Delays After It's Cancelled

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Thursday, July 14, 2016 

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It seems that it wasn't enough for Mother Nature to fake us out on a typhoon (despite our giddy preparations for it), she waited until our guard was down before hitting us again.


Earlier this morning, the Shanghai Meteorological Center flagged up a Yellow Alert, predicting several hours of very heavy rain and thunderstorms throughout Shanghai, and particularly in outlying districts like Songjiang, Baoshan, Pudong and Jiading. You may have experienced them already!



Then two hours later, it cancelled the Yellow Alert, saying the weather showed signs of slowing down. Dozens of flights remain delayed or cancelled. It shouldn't need to be said, but if you're travelling today, it'd be worth it to check your flight before you leave the house.


This is just the latest upset in a fairly unpredictable Shanghai summer. If nothing else, it shows how difficult to predict the weather can be, and how swiftly it can change. And also what a goddamn pain it can be.