Website Updates! Notice Anything Different?

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Monday, July 11, 2016 

under Community by Enjoy Team

What a weekend! No typhoon as promised (veteran Shanghai residents will remember that typhoons are flaky, unreliable animals), but Portugal certainly made sure the waterworks were in full working order! Nevermind, France, you’ve got Bastille Day in a few days, you can party like it’s 1789 and forget all about the Euro Cup 2016.


The roller coaster isn't stopping, though, and here's the next drop; we redesigned the homepage.



Back in December, we revealed EnjoyShanghai’s first website redesign since 2009. We knew that we’d ruffle some feathers, introduce a little anarchy, trash some cherished furniture, probably wreck some of the delicate infrastructure that keeps a website propped up. But we also invited you to share your opinions and experiences with the new design.



And we listened. To the thoughtful, constructive advice and the barely legible, throbbing-vein-in-the-temple fury alike. Like we said before, the site’s a passion project for the dedicated crew at EnjoyShanghai, and that means we’re not afraid to overhaul a design when we have new ideas. And boy do we have new ideas!

So let’s take a quick tour through what’s new, shall we?


First of all, the top of the page; you’ll notice the bar is the same. We don’t want to totally turn the world upside down, you know?



Next up, the big shiny new coverpage at the top. We decided to make more information available to you without having to scroll down the page. So here, we have three sections; Articles, Events and Deals (more on Deals later). Apart from the cover-story for each section, you can check out three other stories as well in the little circles to the right.

That’s a total of 4 articles, 4 events and 4 deals, available at the click of a button, without having to scroll anywhere. Your scrolling time is valuable, we don’t want to waste it.



Let’s move down a bit, then. We’ve got Fresh Ink on the side there, that’s where we have the latest news and information available to you. And this time, the whole title is visible (finally, that was killing us), so keep an eye on this part of the website!



Next to it is our revamped events section, with one new addition; the Deals tab.

We decided it doesn’t make much sense to have one-off events like a gallery opening or a concert or a ukulele love-in organized in People’s Park vying for the same space as the Lady’s Night you swore you’d never go to again or the 2-for-1 burger deal at that place you really like. So we separated it out into a tab; if it’s a special price or a discount something, it’s here. Events for events and Deals for deals!



Scroll down a bit further and you’ll see the Featured Events and Deals. This is where we put the really good ones, the ones that deserve a bit more attention, the ones that we’re sure you wouldn’t want to miss.



Then we have the gateway to the Classifieds. Boy oh boy, the classifieds. We love you, EnjoyShanghai Classifieds. Every morning, when we go through you to make sure you’re looking up to scratch, it brings a smile to our face. Never change, Classifieds. Never change.



We’ve got a Reviews section now. Pretty straight-forward, here’s where we review stuff. Not just food (though also that) but events, attractions, the ironic hat selections in thrift shops, guided tours, gym memberships. Whatever takes our fancy and helps you and Shanghai develop a closer bond.



Then we’ve got Hot Topic. We’re not partnering with an ecommerce store or anything, this is just the stuff you guys read the most. We’re not going to judge. Just going to put it up there on the homepage.



Event Gallery! Speaks for itself, really. We post images of things we’ve been to and think you might like to see.



Essential Enjoy! This is where we put the articles we think you’d get the most use, entertainment, or profound life-changing commentary out of.



So that’s the new homepage. We’re liking it so far. It’s more fun to work with, and we hope it’s more useful for you guys as well. But you're welcome to kick the tires a bit, pull on the threads, pick at the paintwork to see if it peels. If you have more thoughtful, considered advice, or even just want to vent some new-webpage frustrations at us, we're still checking


That’s all for now. Once again, thank you for staying with us through all these years, and if you’re just joining us, thanks for stopping by— we hope ya’ll stick around.


Oh, and here’s a picture of the office cat because we didn’t have any in this update yet.