Is Disney's "The Lion King" For Laowais, Too?

Je, unajua "Rafiki" maana yake ni rafiki katika Kiswahili? read more

By Claire Lily Squire

We May Have Kinda Sorta Gotten Magic Thai Tattoos For This Article

Kinda sorta got tattoos from a legit Thai magic man in Shanghai, at Sakyant Studio. It didn't hurt that much. We just got something in our eye. read more

By Enjoy Team

KTV Pays Off: Shanghai Knew The Words to Queen + Adam Lambert

Queen shows us that all those hours practicing weren't ill-spent as Shanghai sings its heart out at the band's first show on Mainland China. Adam Lambert was there too. read more

By Alex Panayotopoulos

The Lonely Hearts Club: Shanghai's Marriage Market in the Age Of Tinder

Intrepid explorer of the human condition Juli Min takes a walk through the People's Park marriage market, and ask whether it's all just for show by now. read more

By Juli Min

Let Me Take Your Selfie | China Girl by Thierry Coulon

A French photographer in Shanghai with an eye for hidden talents has put together a series showcasing 60 Chinese women from all walks of life. Each portrait is designed to highlight what they feel makes them unique, and it’s just become a Kickstarter project.
 read more

By Alex Panayotopoulos

Zhang Leping Museum | A Child's View of China's (Sometimes Dark) History

You may not have heard of Sanmao, Zhang Leping's iconic comic character. The poor cartoon boy's been through a lot. Tucked away in the French Concession is a museum to his creator. read more

By Crimson Duckett

What's It Really Like Being A Chinese Interpreter?

Heard of "Les Interprètes"? It's a pretty popular TV show spotlighting, of all people, Chinese interpreters in Zurich. We talk to a real-life UN interpeter Professor Harry Dai to see how much the show gets right. read more

By Vicki Zhang

Interview | Lulu Galore's Taste of Old Shanghai

After nearly a year in her hometown Shanghai, Beijing's starlet Lulu Galore's finally got her own troupe, Luluz Folliez. They're debuting this Friday, read more

By Alex Panayotopoulos

Theatre Review | Psycho Beach Party is Exactly What The Name Says

Urban Aphrodite's odd tale from the 60's Malibu surf scene involves enormous men in drag, an inflatable set, and a main character with a lot of personality... literally. Bring a pillow to cushion your brain. read more

By Claire Lily Squire

How to Get Rid of Mold & Cockroaches This Summer: A War on Two Fronts

It's humid, and that means more of two things; mold and cockroaches. Your fightback starts today! read more

By Nathan Thomas

Interview| Lǐ Shǒubái and Preserving Shanghai's Crucial Hǎipài Culture

Hǎipài may not be a word you've heard often, but it describes what many of us love about Shanghai. We speak to Lǐ Shǒubái, an artist whose work revolves around preserving the glory days of Shanghai's lane culture. read more

Why Mr. X's Silent Hill Was Such a Letdown (And How To Make It Better)

Sam experiences his first escape room and let's just say it doesn't live up to his expectations re: pants-wetting terror. read more

By Sam Thomas

The Hard and Fast Guide to Dragonboat Festival

Duānwǔ Festival in Shanghai! Zòngzi, Zhòngwǔ, Qū Yuán's suicide and arsenic wine! Do you have no idea what we're talking about? This is the article for you. read more

By Enjoy Team

Interview | Simon Wilde on Picking Up Where Pollock Left Off (And Burning Stuff to Make Art)

We speak to the slightly mad, gregarious Aussie who's just setting up in M50 about picking up where Jackson Pollock left off, and making art with fire. read more

By Enjoy Team

10 Weirdest Street Names in Shanghai (Most of Them Are About Pigs)

You ever wondered what those streetnames mean? We do. So we picked 10 of the weirdest we could find. Hint: most of them have something to do with pig read more

By Kibon Xu

Art Review | Heroes is Theatre Absurd Done Right

Claire went to the debut of Twisted Carousel's three-man piece about WWII veterans trying to escape a retirement home, and thought it was pretty damn cool. read more

By Claire Lily Squire

"The Princess Bride" Is Coming To Shanghai & You Can Win Tickets!

The Princess Bride is coming to the stage! Inconceivable-- okay, that one was a bit too easy. read more

By Enjoy Team

The Pros and Cons of Living in a Lane House in Shanghai

A quick rundown of some of the pros and cons of living in Shanghai's uniquely charming/horrific lane houses or shíkùmén. read more

By Claire Lily Squire

KTGA's Fantastical Botanical Was Both Fantastical and Botanical

We stopped by the last KTGA of 2016 to see face-painting, ukelele's, tarot reading, and just about the flower-powerest gathering in Shanghai so far. read more

By Enjoy Team

Interview| The Painter and the Piano with Mark Chait

We have a quick chat with Emmy-award winning composer Mark Chait, on the eve of his first Shanghai performance of his international series the Painter and the Piano. read more

By Enjoy Team

Interview| Izia Higelin's So Rock'n Roll She Passes Out After Our Interview

We sit down for an interview with visiting French rockstar Izia Higelin that's so action-packed, she passes out after we're done. read more

By Alex Panayotopoulos