Batman v. Superman: It's A Boring Superhero Movie

Kenny Ong comes back from a hard day's work at the cinema and tells it like it is about the new Batman versus Superman movie! read more

By Kenny Ong

Interview | Down the Rabbit Hole with Seth

We catch up with Julien "Seth" Mallande to discuss his latest work inside the Museum of Contemporary Art, all in the spirit of Francophonie. Oh and we ask Axel Cruau, the French Consul General, what he thinks too. read more

What is Spring Dragon Festival and Why Do I Need a Haircut

That sudden rainstorm two days ago means that the Dragon has awoken! Go get a haircut! Quick, before you're cursed! read more

By Enjoy Team

CC | Close-Up and Personal feat. Dominika Wenz

This week's Communal Camera features the close-up work of Bristol-based Polish photographer Dominika Wenz. read more

"What Should I Watch?" | Suzhou River by Lou Ye

Stuart Blackadder delves into the film archives and brings you the movies you absolutely need to see. This time it's "Suzhou Creek" by Sixth-Gen director Lou Ye. read more

By Stuart Blackadder

CC | The Beauty & The Nature feat. Mario Machado

This week's Communal Camera features the work of nature lover Mario Machado. read more

Interview | On the Love Boat with Anna & Ennis

We sat with show directors Anna and Ennis for the lowdown about a hot night on the high seas. read more

By Enjoy Team

Hard and Fast Guide to Chinese Lantern Festival

Oh my god Chinese Lantern Festival is today! Here's what you need to know. read more

By Quintana Hoyne

CC | Wealth, Poverty and the Girl feat. Maarten Van der Meer

This week's Communal Camera features the work of all-round pro photographer Maarten Van der Meer. He shoots landscapes, cityscapes, portraits, even corporate gigs, whatever he can get his voracious lens on.
 read more

By Enjoy Team

Shanghai's Most Romantic Street

Looking for something to do this CNY when it won't be crowded? Or Valentine's Day, when it will? Tian'Ai Road might be just for you. read more

By Quintana Hoyne

CC | Local Tones feat. Roland Fei

This week's Communal Camera features the work of street photographer Roland Fei... read more

By Enjoy Team

"What Should I Watch?" | To Live by Zhang Yimou

Stuart Blackadder delves deep into China's film history and brings you the movies you absolutely need to see. First up, "To Live" by acclaimed director Zhang Yimou. read more

By Stuart Blackadder

Daily Events Sack | Week of 1/25

A goodie bag for a better week. read more

By Enjoy Team

Bored this CNY? 5 Great Walking Tours around Shanghai

Food, history, culture... Dominic's done the footwork for you, here're five of the best walking tours in Shanghai! read more

Deadpool Gives China the ****ing Middle Finger

Deadpool doesn't give a **** about China banning his movie. read more

By Enjoy Team

CC | 8 Years Ago feat. Nick Mesman

This week we're featuring the work of Nick Mesman, currently residing in Suzhou. He lived in Shanghai back in 2008, and he shared some pictures with us from around Yuyuan Gardens and M50. read more

Get Hyped For: Shanghai Disneyland Rides

Mickey Mouse finally has an official home in Shanghai, besides our hearts, wallets, t-shirts and iPhone cases. Mark the date: June 16th. When the Touristpocalypse began. read more

7 Reasons Star Wars Should be Filmed in Shanghai

We’re just going to come out with it. We think Star Wars Episode VIII should be filmed in Shanghai. Here are 7 reasons that’s a great idea. read more

By Enjoy Team

[CC] The Shape of Shanghai | feat. Mimirutan

This week's edition of Communal Camera features the prolific and inspired instagrammer Mimiru (instagram handle @mimirutan).  read more

5 Tips and a Prize for the Star Wars Midnight Premiere

The newest Star Wars movie premieres today! Okay, it actually premiered nearly two weeks ago. But for those of us in China, the midnight release is today! We hope you’re excited. read more

By Enjoy Team

[CC] Moments Passing By | feat. Zovi

This week's edition of Communal Camera features our very own Sophie Ong. If you'd like to be considered for Communal Camera, send a sample of your work to: read more

By Enjoy Team

Monday Horoscopes

Look up! read more

By Enjoy Team

8 fashion trends you need to follow this winter

Ditch your lumpy Christmas jumper and try out these 8 essential winter fashion trends read more

By Enjoy Team

12 fascinating facts about Shanghai

Twelve things we bet you didn't know about the 'Pearl of the Orient' read more

By Enjoy Team

Weekly Horoscope: seek your Shanghai destiny

They might just be sparkly dots in the sky to you, but to us they're sending a clear message. And that message is that you should get out there and check out these events around Shanghai this week... read more

By Enjoy Team

12 Crazy facts about American Thanksgiving

Did you know that turkeys gobble, and you gobble turkeys? read more

By Editorial