Stay in Character makes Shanghai movies

An interview with Stay in Character founders. read more

By Kenny Ong

Chinese business culture shock

It's electric. And so are you. read more

By Enjoy Team

On communicating in a multilingual office

4 tips on communicating in a multilingual office. read more

By Kenny Ong

Hollywood comes to China, eventually

Why the delayed releases for foreign films? And a list of foreign films releasing by the end of 2015. read more

By Kenny Ong

Secret Shanghainese Slang you have to know

Shanghai has a secret code, sometimes when you overhear colleagues talking perhaps it would be nice to 'crack' this code in order to get complete acceptance. Here are a few of the common colloquialisms and other slightly rude phrases you will rarely here but they do exist. read more

By Stuart Lancaster

Back to the Future Fashions

As back to the future day appears on the calendar, we throw a gaze at the futuristic fashion over the years and tell you what key pieces you need to get that edgy intergalactic look.
 read more

By Tanya Mehta

Members Clubs in Shanghai

For a feel of a network, support, a place of belonging and a home away from home, there are a few clubs in Shanghai. They all offer a focal activity, such as a sport, but the real purpose of joining is to make friends and have a sense of family. read more

By Stuart Lancaster

Weekly Horoscope

In Shanghai my horoscope seems to predetermine my fate without me knowing. read more

Mid-Autumn Festival Getaways

China has so many ancient holidays; it seems like that they are added to the national calendar every year.

 read more

By Emily Kalouch

Music Festivals You Can't Miss!!!

We all wish summer fun didn't end, right? The good news is that it doesn't have to! Here is a list of music festivals coming up this autumn/fall. read more

By Emily Kalouch

Expat Show brings the world to Shanghai

Shanghai's premier annual lifestyle expat event is coming – The Expat Show Shanghai 2015 at the Shanghai Exhibition Centre. read more

By Tom Neale

Review: The Globe's Hamlet in Shanghai

Spending several months on the road performing Shakespeare was once the bread and butter of repertory theatre companies up and down Britain read more

By Paul Collins

Mandarin Made Easy

Try these schools to help boost your Mandarin.  read more

By Tom Neale

Blast from the creative past: Propaganda Poster Art Centre — 上海宣传画艺术中心让你重温中国近代史

In the basement of Building B, 868 Huashan Road is the Shanghai Propaganda Poster Art Centre, a museum with over 5000 posters from China's Republican and Communist periods.

上海宣传画艺术中心位于华山路868号的地下室,是一家展示出5000多张国民党和共产党的宣传画的博物馆。 read more

By Tom Neale

Jonathan Kite brings comedic mayhem to 2 Broke Girls spinoff — Jonathan Kite 来上海带了关于《破产姐妹》的喜剧表演

Jonathan Kite (aka Oleg) from diner sitcom 2 Broke Girls is in Shanghai for his hilarious stage show, 2 Broke Pearls. 破产姐妹》中厨师Oleg的扮演者Jonathan Kite来到了上海为了他的爆笑的舞台秀《2 Broke Pearls》。 read more

By Tom Neale

Spanish Food Festival: 西班牙美食节:红酒、奶酪和火腿,应有尽有

The best of Spain's Iberian ham, cheese and chorizo were showcased yesterday at the Spanish Foodie Festival last night at El Ocho and hosted by Delaberia Gold. read more

By Tom Neale

Shanghai Bund- musical extravaganza - 英雄梦回——音乐剧《上海滩》

Set in the deep and seedy underworld of 1920s Shanghai, “The Bund” musical tells the story of Hew Man-Keung, an upstart and wannabe criminal who was jailed three years for participating in the May Fourth Movement protests. read more

By Tom Neale

Expat Show Shanghai: International Opportunities, New Horizons

Shanghai's premier annual lifestyle expat event is coming – The Expat Show Shanghai 2015 at the Shanghai Exhibition Centre. read more

By Tom Neale

Don't Try This At Home

ERA - Intersection of Time delivers eight very different acts; everything from a barely believable bowl-balancing act set in ancient China, all the way up to biker girls performing pirouettes and shoulder lifts piled up on a single BMX. Enjoy Shanghai went along for a spin. read more

Return to Sorrento (and Padua, Burano and Bologna)

It's hard to believe it's half a decade since the Shanghai Expo put the city at the epicenter of the design world for a few glorious months back in 2010. And in the past fortnight, Milan has begun its tenure of the five-yearly fair, the largest exposition of its kind. A new exhibition at K11 would like to convince us there's a lot more to Italy than meets the typical tourist's eye  read more

Manners Maketh The Laowai

As wet-behind-the-ears expats we're not automatically expected to understand the etiquette of Chinese eating customs at banquets, formal dinners and business meals, but it does no harm to learn a few pointers  read more

High Time for High Tea

While tea ceremonies and etiquette have been an indelible part of Chinese culture for centuries, its Western equivalent is far less well known. In fact, the art of afternoon - or high - tea has often been viewed as something of a rarified pastime. read more

51Chaohun: The Wedding Planners

In a country where marriage is all but mandatory, it's little wonder that wedding planning is a major industry and moneyspinner. A glittering event in Pudong this week offered ample proof of this, featuring a specially invited guest list of Shanghai's great and good  read more

[CLOSED] We're Only Here for the Beer! - Win Tickets to the International Beer Festival

If you are an Enjoy Shanghai member you can save yourself a cool 100RMB by simply sharing this post on your WeChat ‘Moments', and sending us a screenshot of the post along with your name, Enjoy membership number, phone number and postal delivery address. read more

WoLee Style: Fashion with Hattitude!

A smorgasbord of sartorial sensuality … an Aladdin's cave of curios …or a temple to surfeit and opulence? WoLee, located in Xintiandi's XTD Style mall, defies easy classification.  read more

By Paul Collins

All The World’s A Stage

"… And all the men and women merely players." Ok, so Shakespeare liked to exaggerate a bit, but there's a fair few thespian types round these parts and three of them in particular will be vying for your undivided attention this Friday night.  read more

The Maids of Dishonor!

The rebel, the housewife, the klutz, the church girl, and the free spirit: this mismatched crew of bridesmaids are the unlikely protagonists in East West Theatre's hilarious new production which runs from April 23 to 26. Read more ...  read more

Deager Kao

Can you talk a little bit about the store, how did it start, what made you want to get into this?
Basically, I was working in Taiwan, 4-5 years ago, when a couple of friends suggested we start a concept men’s boutique in Shanghai, as we found that there weren’t many specialized men stores. So we decided to open up our first store in a little villa, in May 2009, selling shoes. We ran that for about a year, and we noticed people really liked it. Around a year later, we realized we couldn’t stay there. It was very small. About 30sqm. It was in a residential complex, hard to get to, hard to find. So we decided to aim bigger.
 read more

By Raphael Seghin