6 Jazzy Places To Go Now That JZ Club Is Closed

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Monday, May 16, 2016 

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This weekend finally saw the end of JZ Club. 


Well, the historic one anyway, the one on Fuxing West Road, the one we think about when someone says “JZ Club.” The "why" is a bit opaque, something about the government and that they have to move, but apparently it’ll be rising from the ashes again soon somewhere else. Saturday night was packed, and they saw it out with the kind of marathon jazz jam session that jazz lovers love and jazz haters cite as their primary reason for despising the art form (we're not ones to judge too harshly, but they're wrong).


Dry your tears, JZ fans. There’re plenty of other places around the city with a jazzy atmosphere to get your live music fix at. Here’re 7 jazzy places (in spirit if not actually sound) that’re still open (though who knows for how long), and probably won't be absolutely jam-packed this weekend.


1. Heyday Jazz Lounge

Where: 50 Tài'ān Road

Shanghai's premiere vintage jazz lounge, serving up nostalgia, a dash of Shanghai's glory days, and live music. A perfect place to enjoy some jazz, a drink, and a date.


2. Cotton Club

Where: 8 Fùxīng West Road, 

Cotton Club is a made-in-America live-music bar. It's not exactly jazz, it's more of a rock'n'roll gig, but with its smoky dark atmosphere, we're hedging our bet that Cotton Club will still tug on your nostalgic jazz-heart-strings just fine.    



3. The House of Blues and Jazz

 Where: No. 60 Fúzhōu Road

This historic hotspot at is a classic live jazz joint on the Bund. There's a kick-ass interior which really takes you back (the pictures on the wall from the 1930s and 40s help), and while the drinks are pricy and the staff can sometimes be hit-and-miss, the live acts are usually pretty damn good. The range of music is not limited to jazz; funk, blues and soul are also often featured.



4. Wooden Box Cafe

Where: 9 Qīnghǎi Road, near Nánjīng West Road

JZ's younger brother, although the line of succession means it might have won the Game of Thrones, at least for a bit. A small and intimate place with big windows, a perfect place for folk and jazz lovers.



5. JZ Latino

 Where: Top Floor, 159 Hénán South Road, near Fúyòu Road

On the top floor of the Renaissance Shanghai Yu Garden Hotel, the name speaks for itself: JZ Latino hosts Latin music gigs and dance performances. Again, not really a jazz spot, but it's still JZ and it has an amazing view!



6. On Stage

Where: A2, 570 Huáihǎi West Road, near Hóngqiáo Road

Another JZ family member, this little spot at A2, Lane 570, Huaihai West Road, near Hongqiao Road (淮海西路570弄A2, 近虹桥) used to be a Japanese club. Nowadays, it's most popular among young Chinese musicians.




7. Fairmont Peace Hotel Old Jazz Bar

Where: 20 Nánjīng East Road, near The Bund

The swinging-est, hopping-est place back in the so-called "golden age" of Shanghai's jazzy era, this venerable hangout has been refurbished and set up to look just like it did back in the days when it was a private club for the well-to-do and their entourage. Although it's a bit closer to "kitschy" on the authenticity scale, the Old Jazz Band is old enough to be a direct line back to that time; the average age of the band members is about 80, and they're still playing. Check it out if you're looking for a nostalgia-trip.





So there you have it. 7 alternatives to JZ Club.


Until the new JZ Club is back, that is. It's coming back right? We hope.


Do you have a favorite jazzy spot? Leave a comment!