Meet TRON 2.0's Art Programming

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Friday, September 09, 2016 

under Culture by Jane Polubotko

TRON 2.0, a CHat after party organized by CNCreate, put art, wine and people on a Shanghai rooftop last Friday night, and turned a typical party night into lively networking event and showcase of Shanghai’s best creative minds. 

I went to meet some of the artists, get a bit of a handle on their work, and of course drink their wine. I’m no artist, but they let me talk to them anyways.


Amey is an experienced architect with a passion for photography. As a native citizen of Mumbai, Amey has an eye for Art Deco architecture, which is the main focus of his Dark Deco project.

About the project:

“I wanted a fresh perspective of Art Deco, which has been interpreted so many times. Although this kind of experiment is not new, but it is new to Shanghai”

About inspiration:

“This is the first image [1933] that I [did] in this series. I used to work in the main 1933 building for about a year. I’m not familiar with the building…when you work there you kind of taking it for granted, it’s always there, so you don’t really pay attention to it, but I think, subconsciously it started influencing me. The building is very powerful. Very dark and very intimidating and this is where the project started, I’ve started to see details and imagine the picture.”

About Gotham City and social media:

“I think Gotham helped people to publicize the photos [so that] people recognize [them] easily. I tried to pick the elements that are already known: Art Deco, Noir, Gotham and Sin City. All these elements make it easier to communicate with people. I don’t want to create an art which needs a lot of decisions, it should be easy – you see it and you get it. Because today in the social media nobody has time to look at the image more than 5 seconds, so I was aiming for art which is direct and simple”.


Wingz & WOMB

These two creative visual artists cooperated together for a TRON 2.0 installation. Wingz, a Shanghai based digital designer, calls herself a workaholic, as even at the event she couldn’t sit around doing nothing. For more of Wingz’ works go here Kynan aka Wifi Over My Body is Australian video editor, specializing in the fashion industry. We had a chance to talk to Kynan.

What are three words you would use to describe your art?

- Internet, neon, future.

What is your installation about?

- Basically, there are three elements: music, lights and sculpture. We picked the sculpture, just because one of my friends had it at her apartment. I like Roman sculptures and I thought it might look good, the antique statue of Venus de Milo together with plastic, the contrast of past and future. 

Do you think technology’s influencing art in a positive way?

- I think, it’s a positive phenomenon. Internet gives a possibility to find any information just in a few seconds, which is good and makes the art process more creative.

For more Kynan’s artworks look up his Instagram @wifiovermybody


Wook Jin is a Korean digital artist and the owner of the company SHANGHING, which specializes in 3D design and local Shanghai street signs lit up in neon lights. Exclusively for TRON 2.0, he created the WeChat installation.




Rolento, a Singaporean photographer, presented a video of the pictures he took at the world’s most famous landmarks. On the photos, he uses 3-D color images of people. Rolento calls himself a “photographer who is making an ongoing photography project trying to express all hope for all living things in the universe to live together.

I try to symbolize the one physical world we are all living in and symbolize the people, the animals, the vehicles who are from different backgrounds, cultures, beliefs, emotions coming together to bring themselves or to interact to make something new and bring color to a grey or bleak place.” [taken from the]

About CNCREATE: CNCREATE is the online platform of China based contemporary artists. Created by Lucas Brennan, artist and photographer, the showcase is a place for artists to present their works and develop Chinese art scene.