Here's How To Get Any VIP to Talk to You

And you don't need to dip your tongue in silver, nor be Leo. read more

By Aaron Wallace

69 Thoughts We Can't Escape While Commuting From Work In Shanghai

It's that commute home from work that really sets your mind-gears in motion. read more

Shanghai has the Best Schools in the World

The World Bank has announced that Shanghai’s education system is the best in the world based on its comprehensive evaluation system. You may know commence with the outrage. read more

10 Things Only English Teachers Will Understand (and Everyone Else Will Find Hilarious)

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25% of US Companies are Leaving China

AmCham's 2016 Business Climate Survey Report says 25% of US companies are moving out of China. read more

By Enjoy Team

The top 5 podcasts for learning about China

OK, let's face it: podcasts aren't exactly cool. But we love them, and you should too! Here's why... read more

By Enjoy Team

P.R. Tips to a Rookie

P.R. is a wide field or work. It's not like I.T., engineering, education, design, science, or a particular role which needs particular qualifications and experience. It's less fixed and if done well, it can be more entrepreneurial. But sadly, it isn't always done well. Here are a few basic tips. read more

By Stuart Lancaster

Best Private Schools in the UK

Love them or hate them, if you have the wealth and the connections then why not send your child to one of these establishments. Most of these schools are not mixed and are all boys. read more

By Stuart Lancaster

Which boss do you have?

Have you ever had any of these bosses?
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Victory for Love: USA legalises gay marriage nationwide 爱的胜利-全美同性婚姻合法化

Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people are celebrating across the United States because the country's Supreme Court has ruled that same-sex marriage is constitutional. read more

By Tom Neale

Leading the Pack

Mandalingua's Daniele Bardaro is an animated man. Language, and the acquisition of it, has a caffeinic affect on his personality. Since excitement is half the battle when it comes to learning a new language, Bardaro is a worthy general. read more

By Michael Ardaiolo

Meng Lo

Born and bred in Malaysia, in Penang, a small island in the north part of Malaysia. A sleepy town, but a very touristy town. So I guess it’s a good introduction as to why I got into this job.
When I was finishing my A levels, I talked to my counselor about what I should do next. He said: “Have you ever thought of the tourism industry? Look, this is the up-and-coming industry of Malaysia. The government is going to put a lot of money and effort to put Malaysia on the map.” And at that time, there were very few people doing that. Certainly none of my classmates went into hotel management. It was a risky choice. 30 years later on, I have hindsight, but I think I can safely say, to any young person, as long as you enjoy what you do, if you are happy, you can succeed. That is the best advice I can offer. Obviously, it has been a long road, a career that took many turns.
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By Raphael Seghin

Winnie, Raffles Institute of Design

Winnie, Raffles Institute of Design read more

Dell, Designer at Raffles Privato

Interview with Dell, Designer at Raffles Privato read more

The Student Store

Raffles Privato read more

By Tom Lee

A Hidden Gem

By Olivia Quintela

Not-so-open Water

By Heather Reisner

Dial for Dinner

By Tom Lee

Get Involved

By Jaki Faulkner