Dell, Designer at Raffles Privato

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Friday, July 15, 2011 

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Can you explain a little bit about the ethos behind this project and how it became a reality?

My pieces are inspired from the golden paddy fields and sunset glow of my hometown. I incorporate my homesickness into my work and create a theme that is restful, pleasing and pure.

Did you ever expect to be running your own business when you started studying?

Yes, I did. I'm always preparing for it.

How does the reality of running a store compare to the dream?

I love fantasizing, just like other designers. In my head, I always picture things well. However, it's not the same case in reality. You have to face the real world and solve a lot of problems.

Do you think you will succeed?

I allow myself to make mistakes so I can learn more and progress.

How is business compared to studying?

Learning can be everything you imagine; however, business is very real and market-oriented.

How do you come up with your ideas and do you ever run out of them?

Inspiration never runs out. As long as we are sensitive, inspiration is all around. Even no inspiration is a kind of inspiration. Sometimes there is too much inspiration to choose from.

Do you love everything about it or do you have to sometimes take the rough with the smooth?

It can be difficult. However, once your design is on the runway, you feel it's worth it. Maybe that's where the designer's happiness comes from. It's just one second that sweeps away all the bitterness you've been through.

What are your ambitions for the future?

My dreams are to, hopefully, become renowned worldwide.

What makes your designs unique in the fashion industry?

I tell my own story through my design. It's like a special novel, different from others.

What do you do to enjoy Shanghai?

Close my eyes, take a deep breath, stretch out my hands: this is my Shanghai.