Victory for Love: USA legalises gay marriage nationwide 爱的胜利-全美同性婚姻合法化

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Monday, June 29, 2015 

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Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people are celebrating across the United States because the country’s Supreme Court has ruled that same-sex marriage is constitutional.


The verdict means that LGBT people from any American state can become legally married without fear of their marriages being invalidated by state governments.


The majority verdict in Obergefell v Hodges was decided by the 5 votes to 4 in favour and enshrines the right to marriage equality under the 14th amendment of the US Constitution.

作为对Obergefell vs.Hodges案的多数裁决,美国高院的九位法官用5:4的投票结果重新诠释了宪法第十四条修正案。

Gay marriage (pride) parades in the USA were led from San Francisco from Friday with thousands of people attending.


San Francisoites Eugene Chisenko and his husband Chuck Goldhaber told The Guardian that the decision means that they feel like they can now participate normally in US society without feeling marginalised.

在游行上,来自旧金山的Eugene Chisenko和他的丈夫Chuck Goldhaber 告诉卫报记者,他们认为自己现在可以真正融入到美国社会之中,而不再是被社会边缘化的一员。

“It feels less like we’re insisting on being normal and that we just are normal. It feels less about sex,” Mr Chisenko said.

“我们觉得自己再也不用努力去变成一个正常人,因为我们本来就是正常的。性别不再是我们难以启齿的隐痛。” Chisenko如是说。

LGBT advocates will now focus on fighting legal discrimination against them in housing and employment. Campaigners say that the only way to ensure this discrimination is abolished to make changes to the Civil Rights Act.


In some parts of the USA South and the world, the decision has been widely condemned.


Texas attorney-general Ken Paxton said that his state would not obey the ruling. Also, the Catholic Church has said that it will reinforce the idea of traditional marriage.

德克萨斯州的总检察长Ken Paxton向外宣称他的州不会遵守这次的裁决。与此同时,天主教会也宣布它们将会竭尽全力加固人们对传统婚姻的坚守。

However, this opposition did not stop the decision being welcomed by LGBT communities across the world. In Shanghai, more and more unofficial gay marriages are held in private.

然而,这些旗帜鲜明的反对并没有阻止世界各地的LGBT 群体对这次裁决的欢迎。在上海,也有越来越多的非官方同性婚姻在悄悄举行。