Which boss do you have?

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Monday, October 05, 2015 

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Have you ever had any of these bosses?



Ghost Boss


Everyone knows that this person is the boss, they still take home the salary and a few carefully accrued hong baos - but they're never actually in the office. At annual events and company parties, this boss is on the stage, saying cheers with a champagne flute and a smile, before they disappear again.


Having a Ghost Boss can actually be a good thing. Even though it can make you feel bitter that they get paid more than you for doing absolutely nothing, the best part is that you can make your own decisions without being bothered by the idiot.



Political Boss


This Boss is a kind of middle-management boss, desperate for further promotions to be a VP or Regional Director. So instead of trying to get it through good performance, they have to make everything political. This includes backhanded compliments and snide sideways glances in email chains, such as:


"Well last year the person in your position did really well at arranging this activity, so we all hope that you can achieve another great success."


They can be seen hanging on every word of their own boss, being sickeningly kiss-ass and trying desperately to just get one more rung up on the career ladder.


Insane Boss


Shouting at fellow humans just because of a hierarchy and job title, having lots of ideas that won't work, posting angry WeChat Moments about company competitors - just some of the crazy antics of Insane Boss. This boss never just has a normal conversation with you or staff. No email is casual and sensible. Everything that happens is always someone's fault, someone is to blame, everyone else is an idiot except them, and every other company is bad except theirs.



Job is Whole Life Boss


There's a lot of these out there, especially in hospitality. People who get to their 40s and have no husband or wife, no friends, and nothing to do except be married to the company. They make everyone else's life hell because they don't understand that most people want to go out and have fun on Friday night, or go home on time at 6, or take holidays, because they don't want any of these things.


They just want to reply to emails at 11pm, shit themselves with panic when their own boss is visiting, and post every single thing about the company on their WeChat Moments.



Bitch Boss


Bitch Boss is famous for promising you a promotion, and never giving it. Bitch Boss will be petty and rude, and try to make people feel scared of her by challenging them, having a serious face to them in meetings and being, well, a bitch. To certain staff members, Bitch Boss will smile, giggle and flirt, but with others, she'll try to feel like a Queen. Bitch Boss can be seen at every cocktail event or party, trying to hang around with the table of GMs and CEOs, even though she isn't one. In the office, she asks her staff to wash her cup and get her coffee.