Yan Ming, Designer of Yan Ming Fashion Studio

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Friday, June 17, 2011 

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What is the core concept behind your clothes?

For this collection, my idea is broken things. "Something new comes from old things broken". I believe broken things bring you strength and power. To show something broken is to show some power, something inside. Not just a beautiful, elegant and sexy woman, but also a woman with power inside.

Have you always been fascinated by fashion?

When I was young, I liked drawing and I liked fine art. I drew everything. This is my passion. The moment I chose my university, I thought about my future. I wanted to work with my interests, so I tried different kinds of design work, because I was not really sure at that time. I think it was the influence of China Textile University that made me want to learn more about fashion and more about clothes. For me, clothes are just like a sculpture or a painting. The material, the form, everything! It's a kind of creation.

Why did you choose to return to Shanghai and not stay in Paris, which is often hailed as the world's fashion capital?

I haven't completely moved to Shanghai, I still have some work in Paris. I stayed in Paris from 2001 to 2007, and then I came back to Shanghai to make my collection. I began this workshop last year in July, and perhaps in a year, when I have worked a little more, I will have a chance to present something in Paris. It's too expensive for me to make my clothes in Paris. I have much more opportunities to make them here. For a young designer, money is always a problem. I buy some from special fabrics in Paris, for example the leather. Other materials, such as silk and cotton, are from China.

What are your ambitions in relation to fashion?

My ambition has always been to present my work in Paris; at fashion week, showrooms and any kind of presentation, to get some judgment. Paris is just like the Olympic Games, a very high-level competition. I want to be confirmed, to get a prize in the game.

When you can tear yourself away from the sewing machine, what do you do to enjoy Shanghai?

I like to relax and spend time with friends. We visit restaurants, coffee places and things like that; always something a little quiet. My favorite place is a little coffee place, The Secret Garden, near my workshop. It's very European and old fashioned.