How To Eat Chongqing Hotpot Without Burning Your Goddamn Face Off

We talk to an authentic Chongqing hotpot owner about how to make the pain go away. read more

By Alex Panayotopoulos

5 Hidden Coffee Shops in Shanghai You'll Never Find Without Us

There's no shame in admitting you don't know every place in the city to get caffeinated. read more

By Alex Panayotopoulos

How to Eat Fried Dumplings (Without Injuring Yourself)

How to avoid immolating yourself while eating fried dumplings. read more

By Monica Liau

Food Review | The Great Leader's Glorious Eternal Kitchen?

Alexandre Gobin takes us beyond the 38th parallel (sort of) for a taste of kimchi that might be as cold as the region's prospects for democracy. read more

By Alexandre Gobin

An American Reviews American Fastfood in Shanghai

Ever wondered if American fastfood in Shanghai is as good as it is back home? We made an American intern eat nothing but fastfood for a week to find out. read more

By Sam Thomas

Food Review | WTF Is A Trdelnik And Does It Taste Any Good?

A full suit of armour pops up on the corner of Changle Road and it's attached to a store selling a Czech delicacy we'd almost forgot existed. But is it any good? read more

By Alex Panayotopoulos

Seven Days of Sabor | Discount Set-Menus at the Best Spanish Restaurants in Shanghai

Sabor isn't just holding its Fusion event, they've also partnered with some of the finest establishments in the city to offer discounted set-menus by Michelin-star chefs for the whole week! read more

By Enjoy Team

Fatburger is Opening Soon in Shanghai and Why That's Great News

Matthew Lu is a bit of a Fatburger fan. A Fatfan. A fan o' Fat. And he's here to tell you why you should be psyched that Shanghai Fatburger is going to be a thing real soon. read more

By Matthew Lu

Brunch Review | Get Classy at 10 Corso Como

Claudio walks in on Chef Corrado's excellent, Michelin-starred brunch set and walks out heavier, happier and heartily impressed. read more

By Claudio Grillenzoni

Food Preview | What's Up at RAW Eatery and Wood Grill?

Kenny went to Chef Juan Campos' new outpost to see what his contemporary-inspired cuisine has to offer. Apart from the Chilean beef, prepare yourself for eggs. read more

By Kenny Ong

Food Review | Pret A Manger (Which Finally Opened A Second Outlet)

Pret A Manger's opened up a new outlet in Kerry Center and Claudio takes the opportunity to take a look and also find out why it took so long to open only its second outlet in Mainland China. read more

By Claudio Grillenzoni

5 Must-Try Creative Meals in Shanghai

Looking for something a bit different? Something that'll keep your culinary taste-buds on their toes? Try some of these odd (but delicious!) meals, found by Quintana Hoyne. read more

By Quintana Hoyne

The Long Article: Shanghai Brunch Power Reviews

Water-tight, catch-all, and 100 percent ahead of trends. read more

By Quintana Hoyne

Review | Glam: M on the Bund's Fun, Sexy Little Sister

A great place for a slightly classier-than-usual evening drink, Glamour Bar's new incarnation Glam has a more relaxed vibe than its posh neighbour, without skimping on the quality. read more

By Alex Panayotopoulos

3 Weird Foods in Shanghai (That Are Actually Italian)

Are your tastebuds lacking a bit of adventure? How about these three odd, weird or downright stomach-turning gastronomic "delights" to spice up your life? read more

By Quintana Hoyne

Interview| The Art of Dim Sum with Lester Fong

Dim sum fanatic Lester Fong speaks to us about the delicate art of teaching yourself to love dim sum. Yes, even phoenix claws. read more

By Quintana Hoyne

3 Snacks for Qīng Míng Festival (to Eat While Tomb-Sweeping)

Here's what you can munch on while you're tending to the graves of your ancestors during the Tomb-Sweeping Festival. read more

By Quintana Hoyne

How to Make Cháoshàn Porridge Like Cháoshàn Rén

We get a recipe for delicious seafood porridge (have faith) from a geuine Cháoshàn pro, Chef Xiè Yánjūn of Cháoshàn Porridge Casserole. read more

By Quintana Hoyne

Restaurant Review | La Sosta is like Eating Home-Cooking at a Fast-Food Place

Claudio ventures out to an unassuming storefront that looks like it should be serving processed stale lasagne, but hides some real charm and a heck of a cook. read more

By Claudio Grillenzoni

Top 10 Shanghai Street Snacks - Part II

It's Shanghai Street Snacks Part II - The Snackening. With Quintana Hoyne. read more

By Quintana Hoyne

Review | The (new) Spot: Sex, Songs, Sports, & Smoke

Claudio goes to see if the new The Spot can live up to the old The Spot's eclectic mix of Sex, Songs, Sports, Smoke and so on. read more

By Claudio Grillenzoni

A Guide to Essential Shanghai Food and How to Find It

Confused by all the food options available to you? Here's the beginner's guide to the essential Shanghai foods. read more

By Quintana Hoyne

Review | AuraCoolzey has Great Aura, Uncool Food

Claudio breaches the gates of Aura's fourth castle to style and taste, and leaves a bit disappointed at the lack of taste. read more

By Claudio Grillenzoni

Top 10 Shanghai Street Snacks - Part I

The first five of our ten picks for the yummiest munchies for the smoothest hustlers. read more

By Quintana Hoyne