How to Survive Being Bitten By 50 Escaped Baby Cobras (And Other Snakes)

We're not saying Nanjing's snakes are going to make their way here, but we've been saving this article just in case. read more

By Alex Panayotopoulos

30-Day Challenge Winners... And A Thank You

This is the final update. The grand winners! And a thank you. read more

By Enjoy Team

Hypnosis for Skeptics: All Glory to the Hypnotoad

Kenny Ong wandered into an all-day workshop on how to hypnotoa-- we mean hypnotize himself, and others. He came back not-quite-a-changed-man, or so it seems... read more

Best Air Pollution Masks for China

Avoid the fakes and pretenders on the market. read more

By Enjoy Team

6 Tricks For Better Sleep

Learn how to stretch those six hours into a nice, healthy seven… read more

By Enjoy Team

How to Make the (Stupid) Air Conditioner Work in Winter

Ever had your air conditioning unit just die on you? Or suddenly blow cold air? We go over some best practices for the air conditioning during winter. read more

By Enjoy Team

Sick? 4 Chinese Characters to Know

Buy medicine in Chinese pharmacies with a bit more safety. read more

By Quintana Hoyne

15 Dumb, Small Changes for a Better Life

Walk diferently? Brush your teeth on one leg? You'll probably roll your eyes and go "yes, Moooom," but we promise they're so easy and good for you that you'll start doing at least a couple. read more

Keep Warm This Winter (the Chinese Way)

If you're shivering your way through the day, Dominic has a few Chinese tricks to stay warm. read more

5 Easy Ways to Stay Healthy in China

It can be hard to stay healthy in Shanghai, so we might obsess over expensive gym memberships or fancy vitamin cocktails to stay in shape. The devil's in the details, though, and the little devil is sneaky. read more

By Enjoy Team

'Asian Flush' - Party Trick or Health Risk?

Do you suffer from 'Asian flush,' that annoying redness in the face when you drink? Kenny Ong does. It's called AFR, and it's no fun. He explains what it is, what it does, and what you can do to deal with it. read more

By Kenny Ong

Enjoy-iCare | Slow Your Salt Flow

The salt of the earth can help put you in the earth. read more

By Enjoy Team

You Know Nothing, Dr. Snow... TCM is your Watcher on the Wall

Some secrets from traditional Chinese medicine to keep you healthy through the Long Night read more

By Enjoy Team

5 ways busy people meditate

Ohhhhhmmmm—my god! I'm late for a meeting! read more

By Kenny Ong

5 Vitamins to maintain you this winter

keep yourself running through the winter read more

By Elle Baptiste

Fight Food Poisoning in Shanghai

In Shanghai during the winter season, cases of food poisoning rocket. There are more germs whizzing around than traffic on the Yan'an elevated highway.  read more

By Stuart Lancaster

5 Ways to fight the Common Cold

Are you beginning to feel slightly under the weather or jaded? As the cold snap begins to envelope Shanghai, what are the ways to prevent “coming down with something”  read more

By Stuart Lancaster

Gym Enthusiasts 2015 (Male)

In Shanghai people have become increasingly aware of balancing a healthy lifestyle with their busy work schedule. In order to stay motivated we require the assistance of a trainer or are inspired by the motivation of our peers. read more

By Stuart Lancaster

Gym Enthusiasts 2015 (Female)

EnjoyShanghai recently hosted a vote involving Gym Enthusiasts from all over Shanghai. These stunning ladies are an inspiration to everyone and we would sincerely like to thank the participants for sharing our article. Stay tuned for the results of the vote tomorrow! read more

By Stuart Lancaster

Spotlight On: Male model Jay d'Engle

EnjoyShanghai speaks to South African male model, Jay D'Engle about how he got into modelling and his life in the outside world. read more

Joining Hands For A Common Goal

Enjoy Shanghai's informative F&B mobile application compiles exclusive deals and attractive promotions from the best restaurants the city has to offer. read more

Venus Spring

By Leila Al-Qattan