30-Day Challenge Winners... And A Thank You

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Tuesday, April 05, 2016 

under Health by Enjoy Team

It's the final update

I hope you guys are still continuing on the challenge on your own or created a group of friends to play sports with. No matter what, at least I am happy that we received from many people that this challenge pushed them towards a healthier life. We're talking over 50 participants, and a boatload of updates, emails, gym-selfies, food-selfies, WeChat messages of support, blood, sweat and, in some cases, even tears.


But, we are happy to announce our final winner ‘Ame’!


Congratulations Ame! You won the 200RMB giftcard and 12 bottles of juice!


Ame is from Japan, and she providing us with updates every single day, including with this lovely final summary of how she managed to overcome the challenge!


For the month of March, I try to control food for Breakfast and Dinner.
Lunch was with more variety. Main principle was take high protein food, and limit carbohydrate / sugar.

My usual breakfast was oatmeal with soya milk, protein powder, fruit / raw vegetable, and black coffee.

Dinner was soup or salad composed but hard-beancurd, boiled egg, and steamed Chicken Breast, flavoured with olive oil/salt/soy sauce/lemon liquid.
I strongly recommend beancurd, because it is high protein, less calorie with plain taste, and cheap!

When I really wanted to drink alcohol, took a glass of wine or shot of whisky instead of beer.

Ideal is to stop drinking completely, but alcohol is often a life-saver.

For work-out, I run 1hr(8-9km) x 2 times per week at Gym. 
Monthly target 100km was accomplished.
But could not do much weight training, because it was very boring.

All went smooth until middle of month, but toward end of month, I had to join some social gatherings, and I ate lots of what I was not supposed to eat.
As a result, my weight goes down 1.5kg in first 2wk, but regained 1kg toward end of month. So, after all, only 0.5kg less total.

Still, I feel lighter, and solved constipation.

So, winner's tips?

- Try beancurd

- Drink whisky instead of beer

Pure gold!


Enough Chit-Chat. Michiel's Before/After selfies

It's the moment you've all been waiting for. Michiel without his shirt on. Oh, and before and after comparisons. But mostly Michiel without his shirt on.

(EDITOR'S NOTE: Oh, that sneaky half-turn and the lighting... it seems Michiel's real challenge has been to master the art of the selfie)

As for myself I have experienced similar ups and downs through the challenge. Even though my end-result is a weight loss of 3kg, I am still not satisfied with the final result. Due to focusing more on weight-loss and a lack of muscle building I am still not the hunk that I want to be. Of course 30 days will not change you tremendously, but by keeping up the good work, it will finally result in the shape you have always wanted to be.


I honestly didn’t always mention to do the exercises, this due to a lack of time which resulted in being too tired to workout. However I have changed my lifestyle into a much healthier one and hoping soon enough to get the sixpack I wanted...


The part you've been waiting for... PRIZES

For all the weekly winners and the final winner, FSJuice will contact you to arrange the delivery of your gifts!


For those of you haven't won a weekly prize, you might still be elligible for the participant prizes (if you kept going all month, you tricksy bastards), contact Michiel by the end of the week. He'll give you a sweet electronic high-five and work out the participation prize deets with you.


That's all folks! Thanks for following along with us. It's been a long road, but your enthusiasm kept Michiel going and dedicated to it.

Thanks to FSJuice for their kind contribution to the campaign and for the prizes, and to Jacqueline Zhan Fraise for her weekly meal plans. You can reach her at Jacqueline@NutriEat.com.


Keep your eyes peeled for the next 30-Day Challenge. We don't know when it'll be. We don't know what it'll be. But you can trust that Michiel will be out there. Watching. Waiting.


Waiting for the right excuse to post more selfies.