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Monday, February 29, 2016 

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It's Leap Day, and the only thing to make this day more special is the eve of our 30-Day Challenge. All of you who signed up have had one last weekend to be the most hedonistic, chocolate-guzzling, cheesecake-gorging monster you could possibly be. I guess if you need one last Monday of junk food, drugs, and alcohol, go for it. For the rest of you, you have until MIDNIGHT TONIGHT to sign up for a chance to win the awards. After that, you're welcome to follow along, but you won't be elligible for any prizes.

Tomorrow… tomorrow your body is a work-in-progress by Michelangelo…or should we say Michielangelo. Because it'll be Michiel leading this. Get it?

Bad puns aside, here's the workout he has prepared for tomorrow and the meal plan, from FSJuice Nutrition Consultant Jacqueline Zhan Fraise, for tomorrow as well. Daily posts WON'T be posted on the website, you'll have to check out our WeChat for that. The workouts and meals planned for the rest of this week are also included below.

Tuesday's Workout

Hi everyone! During this 30 day challenge I, Michiel Vullings, your cheerleader and guide, will make use of the free app and website called Fitness Blender. You don't have to, but it'll help guide me and keep me motivated. The website and app have a whole library of equipment-free workout videos, sorted by muscle group, gender, and length. If you don't feel like adding another app to your crowded smartphone, I will be posting shortened Youku links to each workout in my daily posts, like so:

Tomorrow is chest & abs day. The pair of ten minute workouts are different for men and women, but feel free to buck gender roles.

        Chest - http://tinyurl.com/zcdo25b
        Abs - http://tinyurl.com/jcqj2pe

        Upper Body - http://tinyurl.com/jjy5x9w
        Abs - http://tinyurl.com/gsj2cmz

If you want to use the app, here's a quick and dirty picture guide to finding the workouts in the app:

For you tailored individualists out there, an app called Fitness Buddy lets you put together your own workout with a huge library of exercises. You can use either app will for the 30-Day Challenge, and they both focus on exercises that you can do at home without professional equipment.

Tuesday's Meal

Before you go through these meal plans and balk at the potential costs and time commitments, we just want to clarify that these meal plans are suggestions. What matters most to us in this contest is that you make a workout and nutrition plan that's good for you and you stick to it.

If you do go for Jacqueline's meal plan, awesome! It's not like usual for a licensed anything to just give away their work for free, so go for it if you can. Here are some places you can order healty foods online, and they're sure to have any ingredients you need:










Breakfast: Start with a flavourful oatmeal w/ cinnamon, flaxseeds, and apples.
Snack in the AM: Almond milk.
Lunch: Vegetables as you like on a bed of quinoa, plus a chickpea salad dressed as you wish. This is nutritionally balanced and as delicious as you make it.
Snack in the PM: Have some tart walnuts with sweet goji berries.
Dinner: Time for something light again. Bake your salmon and have bok choy and shiitake mushrooms sautéed on the side.

Week 1 Workout Plan

So here's the work-out plan I've set up! I separated them for men and for women because that's what the original designer suggests, but that doesn't mean you have to do one or the other! Do the one that works best for you and that you feel the most comfortable doing.


Don't forget, if it any point an exercise causes you real, acute pain, stop immediately and seek professional advice. We're not trying to destroy you, we're just trying to help you get a bit more fit.


    Tuesday- Chest & Abs
    Wednesday- Biceps & Abs
    Thursday- Legs, butts, & Abs
    Friday- Upper Body
    Saturday- Biceps & Abs


    Tuesday- Upper body & Abs
    Wednesday- Butts, thighs, & Abs
    Thursday- Biceps & Abs
    Friday- Belly Fat Burner Workout
    Saturday- Upper Body & Abs

Check out each day's post on our WeChat to find the related workout video, meal plan and the tip of the day.

Week 1 Menu


Breakfast: Omelette Wednesday! Roll in spinach, bell pepper and mushrooms.
Snack in the AM: Almonds with an orange, super portable.
Lunch: Take your break in the Mediterranean with a Greek salad.
Snack in the PM: Mix natural strawberries into natural yogurt.
Dinner: Always a good time to have sizzling beef stew with veggies on the side.


Breakfast: Get creative with a traditional Chinese breakfast recipe. Millet porridge with walnuts, pumpkin, goji berries.
Snack in the AM: Have a creamy avocado, and, if you have time, make it extra soft by baking it for a bit.
Lunch: A wild rice pilaf with bell peppers, eggplant, zucchini, and diced chicken. You might want to prepare it the night before.
Snack in the PM: Track down some oatmeal cookies (or order FSJuice oatmeal fig almond cookies if you like) that are low in sugar, carbs, and fat.
Dinner: Lamb chops as you like them, and supplement with quinoa and kale.


Breakfast: Have a fruit salad with natural yogurt and flaxseeds. For TCM followers out there, skip this if you have a digestive system sensitive to the cold.
Snack in the AM: Hummus with veggie sticks. We like to keep it simple and satisfying for snacks.
Lunch: Have something warm, like lentil soup with spinach and broccoli.
Snack in the PM: DIY the ultimate healthy hot cocoa, by making it hot "cacao" with cashew milk.
Dinner: Scrumptious crab cakes and a green salad on the side.


Breakfast: Make a good old vegetable frittata.
Snack in the AM: A good thing can be had twice. Mix natural yogurt with berries of your choice again.
Lunch: Have a spinach and chicken salad, and slice up some almonds to sprinkle on top.
Snack in the PM: Gather a handful of almonds for an afternoon energy kick.
Dinner: Today, you can roast everything, beef, asparagus, and definitely your favourite veggies.


Breakfast: Sunday needs a sunny side up, and top that with roasted tomatoes and mushrooms.
Snack in the AM: Be creative with mixed nuts. Caramelize them if time allows.
Lunch: Since it is spring time, a spring minestrone.
Snack in the PM: DIY your matcha latte with almond milk instead of milk. This keeps it low-fat and high-protein, for the purpose of this weight-loss diet week.
Dinner: Try your hands at Japanese. Make miso soup with tofu, seaweed, bok choy and mushrooms.

That's it for today, folks. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email us at contest@enjoyshanghai.com, or write to us in the WeChat channel! Be sure to have fun getting healthier and happier, and look out for tomorrow's update from Michiel.