Gym Enthusiasts 2015 (Male)

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Monday, October 26, 2015 

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Gym Enthusiasts 2015 (Male)

 In Shanghai people have become increasingly aware of balancing a healthy lifestyle with their busy work schedule. In order to stay motivated we require the assistance of a trainer or are inspired by the motivation of our peers.


1) Luke Jones

Personally there is something going on everyday. Whether that be working out with someone who is rehabilitating an injury or kicking my own butt with some kettlebells. Training never stops and there is always a way to do something active. I usually recommend that my clients train twice a week with me and complete some homework also. Exercise can be taken anywhere and if the local population can walk up and down the streets clapping and slapping their shoulders I think it isnt too much to ask someone to make a 30 minute commitment to a leisurely jaunt around their compound.


I can't not train. It's been such an integral part of my life for the past 21 years that it makes more sense to do this than anything else. I started playing rugby as a kid and have continued being active my whole life. I like to think that my experiences as a professional rugby player in Wales have helped mould my style of training into something that is efficient and effective. It is the belief that I am doing something that is worthwile for my clients that keeps me training and striving to develop into a better fitness professional.



As an entrepreneur I work 14+ hours a day and travel regularly. Keeping fit is key to maintain the energy needed to deal with the stress and challenges of running a high-tech business. I box at Golden Gloves to release stress and improve cardio, and also train at Will's Gym to increase muscle mass and tone. I'm also an avid golfer and competitive tennis player which helps keep me fit and come in handy for business networking. Alvin Wang Graylin, CEOGuanxi Inc./mInfo Inc.


3) Mauricio

I have 10 years of experience in training world class athletes, elite sports people and personal fitness training. My expertise spreads to a wide range of disciplines led me to establish "BION", a high-performance training platform which focuses on strength and conditioning training for elite professional athletes. My unrivalled passion, creativity and professional work ethic have established myself as one of the top foreign trainers in China. I am specialized in performance training for elite athletes developed programs for some Chinese teenage basketball star players, future NBA youngsters playing nowadays in NCAA in the United States.



4) Shane Benis (Golden Gloves)

The whole goal of the gym is to get people boxing, no matter where they are from or what their background is.

We have a warm and friendly atmosphere, where anyone is welcome. Many boxing gyms have an intimidating atmosphere – we try to totally remove that when newbies come into the gym for the first time. This is done through our coaches - whom make everyone feel welcome no matter what theirexperience is.

 We run beginners classes, intermediate classes, and advanced classes for sparring. We also have women's only classes - which are taken by our head coach Chris Xiong, who in my opinion is hands down the best amateur boxing coach in the city.



5) Alan Leung

I founded Olive Branch Ltd. in Shanghai, in 2014 as a fitness and nutrition consulting enterprise because I wanted to take my passion in exercise and nutrition and apply myself where I have the biggest impact in helping others achieve their health goals. I am certified in both exercise and nutrition but it is my constant need for updating myself with the latest science that drives my programs both in exercise science and nutritional science. You can say my attention to detail is what has garnered me interesting roles from the training of the Miss Universe China 2014 contestants, to the White Collar Boxing fighters, and even to air on national television on China’s Next Top Model’s fitness trainer and nutrition consultant.


Although most of my time is spent doing private personal trainingand running group classes out of my studio in Jing An, I dedicate time on providing services to the corporate sector to companies such as HSBC,Entrepreneur’s Organization, and Henkel as well as the writing of my blog whichcan be found at with the intention of increasing awareness on proper exercise and nutrition.




6) Habi 

Originally from Southern California, I came to Shanghai about 7 years ago in order to complete a Masters Degree in Education with an emphasis in Curriculum Development. After completing my degree I spent the first years helping universities develop their study abroad programs as well as their internal language curriculums. Seeking to further explore my teaching and development background, I switched over to the private sector and started working with Multinational Companies.

People always asked me in gyms what I was doing and why i was doing it? Some were put off by my innovative training methods but others were very interested in my methods. It was then, I would get asked if they could train with me? Eventually, the amount of people grew, and the groups increased accordingly. My training continued and developed; The CoreControl Movement evolved out people's interest in what I was doing and out of their thirst for training innovation.



7) Chris

I am from Hong Kong worked as a personal trainer and Aqua trainer for more than 16 years. I have been to Shanghai for the last 4 years due to my company placement. I am now working as a fitness manager in Physical Fitness Shanghai. I used to work for several different fitness gyms and several worldwide companies as their official trainer such as the Hong Kong Jockey Club and some investment banks. I am an enthusiast of many different kinds of sports and normally work out at least an hour everyday also I am a Certified Thai Boxing Trainer. My current students in Shanghai include the Consulate General of Portugal and Ireland amongst others.



8) Roy Beale

I am a fully qualified personal trainer living and working as a fitness and lifestyle coach in Shanghai for 5 years.

I break all the taboo opinions that personal trainers need to look as though they're wearing an inflatable body suit.

Being an ex British army P.T.I. has enabled myself to reach the peak of physical fitness with Paratrooper training (this includes 25 mile tabs with 50kg on your back. "Not for the faint hearted").

"Fitness should be fun.... Yes, the end goal is to look and feel better from training, but it shouldn't be boring along with your journey".

I am preparing to open my own fitness studio early next year and am currently running "bootcamp" fitness classes in Lujiazui during week days. I also offer individual training.

"I won't promise you the world with magical secret formulas, but if you do as I recommend and train regularly, you will look and feel better than you ever have". If you're looking for a personal trainer that's more interested in helping you to reach your goals, rather than taking topless selfie pictures in the mirror, look no further.




9) Martino Chen

I graduated from RMIT Australia with a master's degree in communications. I have been training Parkour as a fitness discipline for 8 years. Now I have just opened the biggest and first professional Parkour training facility in Shanghai. I have 2 years of experience in teaching Parkour in Australia. I believe that life is all about Experience. My training style is go out, do things and have fun.


10) Daniel from Octave


I started to get into fitness at the tender age of 7. Over the years I have worked as trainer and wellness expert for a variety of organizations both in China and abroad. I was posture trainer and nutritionist for the American talent show, Project Lotus, as well as Chief Posture Trainer of Asia’s renowned band The Blush Girls. I founded my own wellness management company and in 2014 published my book, "Daniel’s World, Exercise Brings You Joy."


Everybody has its own code. My specialty is to unlock the code via the simplist way to unleash the body's true potential power in a short amount of time. I can feel each attendant's heart rate and can help everyone to improve his or her health and fitness via training.


11) Piero Cai

I am the Head Coach and Program Director for Emperor CrossFit in Pudong. I am one of the leading promoters of CrossFit in China and been active in the sport locally since 2011 and I am often called upon to help out the CrossFit HQ with local translations for the local CF seminars and certifications. I am a big advocate of the Olympic lifts and loves to spend time breaking down and perfecting technique of members and other trainers. I can be described as easy going with a attentive eye for detail and correct technique. I am a firm believer in making sure technique and forms is correct in order to help members achieve their results in a safe and fun manner.


12) Justin Ahn

I am Justin and am originally from South Korea. I train 3-4 times a week at Emperor CrossFit (Pudong) Training Style: I am one of the head trainers at the Pudong based box and big advocate of training the correct way with a focus on technique and mobility followed by intensity. I am laid back in my style, approachable and always willing to help out with teaching a movement or correcting a technique.


13) Alex, Style Fitness

Originally from Spain, I arrived to Shanghai in 2012 to finish an International MBA and 2014 was the year I decide to follow my passion for sports and fitness and  I got an international certification as personal trainer (among other certifications)  to be able to help others to achieve their fitness and lifestyle goals. When you are busy working full time you need someone to understand your needs and help you during the process. It's not just about working out, it's about improving your life, feeling better and reach your maximum potential. 

This year, with my partner and friend Mauricio, we open Style Fitness,a female fitness studio at Jing an to bring our approach to fitness and lifestyle to our clients and get the best of them. In our opinion Fitness it's the key to success in the business world; a fit body equals a fit mind.