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Tuesday, May 12, 2015 

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IN a city of spiraling prices there’s something just too good to miss about a 50% off deal. And in the Enjoy Shanghai VIP dining program, a number of our partner venues guarantee exactly that. Today we’ll be looking at a few of these hotspots and finding out just what’s on offer.


C Gourmet Wine & Dine has built a reputation for serving up some of the best oysters in town (from their own oyster bar) and that’s exactly what Enjoy members can look forward to. When purchasing a dozen or more, Enjoy members can get 50% off the total oyster bill during their first visit (and 15% off every time after that). The kitchen also serves up an appetizing selection of steaks, seafood, pastries and more. Located in trendy Tianzifang, the premises are steeped in old-world elegance, and new-world culinary delights, highlighted by tasteful décor and high-quality ingredients. Housed in a reconstructed, old French-style building, C Gourmet has a main dining area, a stand-alone oyster bar, two private dining rooms, a lounge dining area and a rooftop terrace for whiskey and cigar lovers.      


Fu Sheng Ruo Cao has fast become one of the most popular Hong Kong-style milk tea shops in the business. And the atmosphere and drinks evoke the vibrant street life of the island itself. During their first visit, Enjoy VIP members get 50% off the total bill at any one of its five Shanghai locations! Every subsequent visit gives a 15% discount on the bill. The company’s teas are famous for their rich, smooth tastes. Only the highest quality ingredients are used, and which have also been chosen for their curative, health-giving properties.      


Number 3 on our half-price deals is J Pasta & Steak which, as its name implies, has a passion for steaks and pasta dishes. Enjoy members can get 50% off any steak dish (valid for dinner, excl. other promotions) as well as free birthday decorations if anyone in your group happens to be celebrating that night. Each visit after guarantees a 15% discount. Every dish at J Pasta & Steak marries traditional Italian recipes with artful and contemporary flourishes, and the kitchen strictly adheres to cooking techniques that use only the freshest ingredients for homemade broths and pasta sauces.   


If you’re a fan of Indian food (and let’s face it, who isn’t) then a trip to Kebabs on the Grille should be foremost on your dining checklist. At three convenient locations (Cool Docks, People’s Square and Jinqiao) you can indulge your love of sub-continent delights including tandoori dishes, creamy sauces, rices, dals and authentic desserts; this is the place to be for a true taste of India and Enjoy members are entitled to 50% off the total food bill during their first visit (and 10% off after that). Kebabs enjoys a loyal following by providing consistently tasty Indian classics, as well as a diverse array of skewered seafood.


So now you know what’s on offer, what are you waiting for?! Sign up to be a part of Shanghai’s premier VIP dining program that guarantees savings of up to 70,000RMB a year at nearly 200 city hotspots! And all for only RMB399 a year. Discounted two-year packages are available for only RMB499 (plus a free bottle of wine). Simply call 40088-36569, or go to to become a member today!