Early Sights and Sounds from the Artists Behind 'Happy Birthday Elvis' Fest

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Friday, January 15, 2016 

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This Friday through Sundaylet these days be His days. And by Him, I mean Elvis, our King of Rock. His birthday was last Friday, but pelvises have needed a week to stretch, flex and warm up for the real celebratory gyration. It's three days straight of Elvis art, music, and partying, after all.


We know you're busy people, so here's the real snappy rundown we've got for you. Previews of some of the art that'll be on display at Basement6's creepy, adorable bedroom-shrine to the King, interspersed with a few words from the bands rocking out this Saturday at Inferno for the the Elvis the Pelvis Hip Grind Special about their favourite Elvis songs.


Chad Romero & The Cadillacs


Chad Romero – hilarious host/vocalist
"I've been an Elvis fan since I was a baby. It's true! I know a thousand Elvis tunes, so it's actually a difficult question. The song that really gets my pelvis moving is "Little Sister." It was a double A-side hit in Australia with "(Marie's The Name) His Latest Flame." Wow! 2 absolute killer songs on the one single. Now that's a-hunka hunkin' incredible!"



"The Single Bed"



Michael Hiller – bass
"I really like "Burning Love." Even though he gets made fun of, 70's Elvis is my favorite Elvis, and "Burning Love" is one of his best songs from that period. He totally owns it."


Parachutes on Fire

Adam – guitar/vocals
"Lots of good choices but I'm going to go with Elvis' version of "Tomorrow is a Long Time." It is just such a perfect tune. Every guitar lead is exactly where it should be. His voice is just a beautiful croon. The dusty tambourine. It takes you on smokey drive down a long and lonely desert road."



"GI Blues"



Ho-Tom – guitar/vocals
"My fave is "I Can't Help Falling in Love with You" because I like singing it at karaoke. It removes me from the awkward atmosphere of dice rattling, cheap booze, and stale popcorn."

Uncle Dave – percussion/vocal stylings/martini appreciation
"Kentucky Rain" is my favorite. It's big, bold and American – like Elvis."


Banana Monkey


Awu – bass
"My favorite Elvis song is "Blue Suede Shoes." The first time I heard this song I was only 9 years old. I knew nothing about rock 'n' roll, and my dad brought me a bunch of music CDs. Elvis' CD is one of them. "Blue Suede Shoes" is the first song on his record, and I didn't understand what he was singing about at the moment, but I was willing to dance to it. It's like a magic key opening to an incredible world."



"Nudie Suit"



Lulu Galore – burlesque performer/songstress
"I like the song "Can't Help Falling in Love" because with all the rock 'n' roll hits Elvis performed, this is one of the few pop ballad he sang with very romantic lyrics. And the melody is based on a classical French love song from 1784 called "Plaisir d'amour," I can't listen to rock 'n' roll over and over at home, but I don't mind listen to his pop ballads."


DJ B.O - DJ/sucker MC castigator

"The complete history of American music up to 1954 is traversed, celebrated, and finally exploded in "Milkcow Blues Boogie." It's originally a blues song whose power is found in its resolute and steady pacing. Elvis acknowledges this by tracing it in it's original form. He then halts the song, breaking the 4th wall. Finally declaring to his band, audience, and the universe that it's damn time to get it "gone," he launches the song like a rocket into hyperspace with appropriate speed. The previously languid words now zoom past like bullets.The exact power of rock 'n' roll to express itself can be found here."




"King of Hearts" 



Can you feel it? Is the art and Elvis talk getting you in the mood to groove? Is your midsection starting to getexcited? Better burn off all that Elvis energy, and, knowing the King of Rock, it'll take at least three days.


For deets on the events, follow the links down below.

Friday Jan 15 - Basement 6 Art Show - Baby ♥s Elvis 

Saturday Jan 16 - Elvis The Pelvis' Hip Grind Special