Get On with Your Nightlife | 1/21-24

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Thursday, January 21, 2016 

under Nightlife by Enjoy Team

It's time to stop living in the past, wo/maaan. You gotta look the weekend. Everybody's workin' for the weekend. Everybody wants a second a chance. Lots of second chances to be found these nights, like on Oprah. You get a second chance! And you get a second chance! Look under your seats.


Trekkie Trax China Tour @ Arkham

When: Thur. Jan 21, 2016. Music starts at 10pm.
Address: 1 Wulumuqi Lu (乌鲁木齐路1号)
Cover: 60 RMB
Kawaii!! Only if you deem Japanese electro music tame and mild… You know Tokyo packs a punch of big volume. So dance at your own caution, to what the wild youths in Japan consider their national anthem.

Voltage Divider @ The Shelter

When: Thur. Jan 21, 2016. Music starts at 10pm.
Address: 5 YongFu Rd (永福路5号)
Cover: 30 RMB at the door
Alert alert—dancer, no poser. Underground music in underground shelter. Check out the bomb, or look for it…

Love Bang #47 Dance Party @ Dada

When: Fri. Jan 22 starts at 10pm
Where: 115 Xingfu Lu (幸福路115号)
Cover: None
Lords and ladies of a dance, you should stop by this regal banger at Dada. The Love Bang dynasty has lasted six years, and it continues to flourish under the hip-hop stewardship of DJ Caution, MC Eden, and DJ Heatwolves.

Choice 37 @ Le Baron

When: Fri. Jan 22 starts at 9pm
Where: 7/F, 20 Donghu Lu (东湖路20号7楼)
Cover: None
Relax, K-Pop fans, this isn't a trap. No one's going to tranq you and roll your limp body into a sack. Choice 37, from the famous K-Pop label YG, is really here. So get out there and fly your flag proudly. No one's going to burn it, as long as it stays inside Le Baron.

Charp @ Arkham

When: Fri. Jan 22, 2016. Music starts at 10pm.
Address: 1 Wulumuqi Lu (乌鲁木齐路1号)
Cover: 50 RMB
Charp (Holly Sh*t) and Ludvic Orlando make debut in Pearl of the East, envy of the West… Follow their dark disco music, praised in DJ Mag and New York Times, and explore the darker sides of Shanghai.

DD's Club Reunion @ Le Baron

When: Sat. Jan 23 from 9pm to 4am
Where: 7/F, 20 Donghu Lu (东湖路20号7楼)
Cover: None
Remember DD's? D-Doesn't matter. The great thing about nostalgia is that anybody, whether they deserve it or not, can partake. If you do remember DD's, you might want to poke your head in to hear some classic house music, spun by ole' DD's DJ Chris Lee and fellow grizzled DJ Ben Huang.

Aprèski 2016 Winter Festival @ Anji

When: Sat. Jan 23, 8am- Jan 24, 5pm
Address: Jiang Nan Tian Chi Ski Resort, Anji
Cover: Scan the image QR for ticket tiers and prices
As close to authentic European winter nightlife as they get you in Shanghai. Do I hear luxury, teeming and steamy? In Jiang Nan Tian Chi, amidst the mountains of Anji, they serve disco, funk, as well as natural hot springs.