Iron Maiden Tickets on Sale Jan 19th

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Friday, January 15, 2016 

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Ed Force One is touching down in Shanghai on April 26th, marking the Beast's debut in China. If you aren't fucking PUMPED for that, then your soul is not metal and you have our permission to go back to your knitting and accoustic country music on vinyl records or whatever.


On the middle-leg of their Book of Souls World Tour, they'll be taking a single night out of their busy schedule of fist-bumping Satan and waving British flags to introduce Shanghai's Mercedez-Benz Arena to Eddie the Head.



As ever, China demands special attention, because even though tickets for as far out as August 4th in Germany are already on sale, Maiden fans in China will have to get their clicky-fingers and speed-dial ready.



See those two obnoxious red lines? Right. Tickets go on sale from 2pm on January 19th through ticketing hotline 400-610-3721, and online via

According to the official press release, ticket prices are set at 380/680/880/1380RMB for the Shanghai event.


We expect them to be sold out immediately, followed by a nightmarish rush to rugby-tackle scalpers and ticket touts. Run to the Shills, am I right? Sorry. [Editor's Note: my office please


We wish you luck. See you on the battlefield.





half tickets sold only. what a shame....


April 15, 2016