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Monday, November 16, 2015 

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This week is a great time for live music in Shanghai. Here are our 5 recommendations on what to catch. Don’t regret missing anything!


1. BordHell @ On Stage 20 November 8:30pm
Come to BordHell's infernal swansong. A band whose motto is 'smash everything' has to leave with a bang! Or maybe a symbal crash! Or maybe an 18-vehicle-head-on-collision-pile up. That crunch and crash and rumbling thunder; come see it live! Tickets are 30 RMB at the entrance.


2. Lacrimosa @ MAO Livehouse 22 November 8pm
Does your family have a hard time understanding the dark, perhaps German depths of your soul? Maybe you just like black eyeliner and corpse-skin makeup. Either way, Find some kindred demons and resonating curses with German heavy metal band Lacrimosa. Standard tickets are 550 RMB.


3. Balmorhea @ Mao Livehouse 19 November 9pm
This six-piece minimalist instrumental band from the hippest place in America, Austin, Texas, mixes folk and classical melodies to save your soul in one moment, and destroy it the next, without saying a word. If you like auditory rollercoasters of emotion, check them out! Tickets are 120 RMB in advance and 180 RMB at the door.


4. Neon Indian @ QSW Culture Center 20 November 9pm
Neon Indian, another band from Texas, crafts audible opium with a chillwave, synthpop sound. Groove and vibe for 120 RMB in advance and 150 RMB at the door.


5. Sleep Party People @ QSW Culture Center 21 November 8:30pm
It’s hard to be a tired type of person that also likes to party. The only saving grace is how much music is Sleep Party People, a shoegazing dream pop band that lull you into tranquil comfort. Tickets are 80 RMB in advance and 120 RMB at the door.


6. Push & Pull @ Dada 20 November 9pm
Get pre-dirty for the weekend with Push & Pull, the duo-project by Alta and Naaah. Their underground sound echos UK grunge and funk while using sharp futuristic sounds inspired by a variety of sounds.



I've seen Lacrimosa almost 20 years ago for the equivalent of 150 RMB. And nowadays they charge 550 RMB? How much were standard Metallica tickets two years ago in Pudong? 700 RMB? Please don't get me wrong, Lacrimosa can charge whatever they want, I just want to put the prices in perspective. And 550 appears to me to be pretty steep. Ah, by the way, the concert 20 years ago was not too bad, I think. But also not great. Worth about 150 RMB, I guess.


November 18, 2015