How To Eat Chongqing Hotpot Without Burning Your Goddamn Face Off

We talk to an authentic Chongqing hotpot owner about how to make the pain go away. read more

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Make Sure Your Uber/Didi Won't Get Pulled Over!

Ride sharing might be legal now, but there are still people breaking the law, breaking the law, citizen! read more

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Is Disney's "The Lion King" For Laowais, Too?

Je, unajua "Rafiki" maana yake ni rafiki katika Kiswahili? read more

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How to Survive Being Bitten By 50 Escaped Baby Cobras (And Other Snakes)

We're not saying Nanjing's snakes are going to make their way here, but we've been saving this article just in case. read more

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We May Have Kinda Sorta Gotten Magic Thai Tattoos For This Article

Kinda sorta got tattoos from a legit Thai magic man in Shanghai, at Sakyant Studio. It didn't hurt that much. We just got something in our eye. read more

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KTV Pays Off: Shanghai Knew The Words to Queen + Adam Lambert

Queen shows us that all those hours practicing weren't ill-spent as Shanghai sings its heart out at the band's first show on Mainland China. Adam Lambert was there too. read more

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How To Deal With Stomach Problems In China

Whether you're suffering from a bit of stomach cramp or a full-blown intestinal maelstrom, here're some tips on how to deal with stomach problems in China. read more

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14 Dating Profiles You'll Find On Tan Tan

We put our best cross-dressing researcher on this. Consider that a fair warning. read more

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Making Money With WeChat at CHat Shanghai

EnjoyShanghai went to CHat Shanghai conference and find out all you need to know about WeChat read more

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Here's How To Get Any VIP to Talk to You

And you don't need to dip your tongue in silver, nor be Leo. read more

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