Interview | Finding the Real China Among Friends with Wanna Travel

EnjoyShanghai sits down over coffee with Anastasia and Sheng from Wanna Travel to discuss the merits of getting out of Shanghai, seeing the world, and meeting new people. read more

By Enjoy Team

How to Get an Emergency Passport for US Citizens in Shanghai

In a bit of a bind? Here's how to get a new passport for US Citizens in Shanghai read more

By Matthew Lu

How to Travel Last Minute for Chinese New Year… And Survive!

Left your CNY travel plans to the last second? No problem. Seasoned traveller Dominic will walk you through surviving the largest human migration in history. read more

How the world gives thanks

What's Thanksgiving like in different countries? The food is more different than the families. read more

By Elle Baptiste

Where to seek winter asylum

Escape from the cold weather and smog. read more

By Michiel Vullings

Great places to find Sun during the Winter Chill

As the weather and temperatures in Shanghai begins to dip. Why not, plan ahead for Chinese New Year and book at bargain prices. It of course is a risk because the dates of Chinese New Year change each year but if you take insurance on your flight, you will still be making a considerable saving and also the best part you get a taste of paradise. read more

By Stuart Lancaster

Different travel ideas to squeeze into 2015

There's plenty of time left in 2015 to squeeze in another well-deserved holiday - here are a few places to take a break, in Shanghai, just around it, and further afield into Asia. read more

By Stuart Lancaster

Top 5: Weird World Festivals

It's fun to be weird and wacky. People celebrate being weird and wacky the world over. Every country has its strange celebrations. read more

By Tom Neale

Gouqi Island: The Abandoned Villages

While Shanghai doesn't seem to have much in the way of beaches, the truth is that sun, sand and sea are not as far away as you might imagine. Most people have heard of Putuoshan, the island retreat famous for its sacred mountain (one of the four most important in China) and other Buddhist landmarks. read more

By Paul Collins

Experience a summer South African safari- 南非艳阳下的狩猎之旅

Doing a day safari is a way different experience to the night equivalent. Firstly, the amount of game you see is way higher and in addition you can be more adventurous in going off-road read more

By Tom Neale

Float On

Friday afternoon and you still haven't decided where to go this sunny weekend? How about Tongli, cited by the China Daily in a recent survey as one of the ten best preserved ancient towns in the whole country. read more

The Two-Day Tripper

While Shanghai doesn't want for a wealth of landmarks and tourist hotspots, we are not exactly blessed when it comes to natural scenic attractions. Which is why a trip out of the city every once in a while is just the thing to get your batteries recharged. We found several places, all within a few of hours of Shanghai at most, and that are ideal for a couple of days away read more