Friendship Golf

Posted: Monday, October 16, 2017

Hello to you.

I m Chris from Germany living in Shanghai meanwhile 5 years. I am Creative Director, professional Photographer, University Professor. (Independent) I dont speak Chinese.

I am looking for people over 35, they like to play Golf like me. I play many, many years Hdc. 14 as I stopped playing Golf in Germany. In my study times 9. If you are beginner, no problem.

In Germany I had a very nice circle in my golfclub around me. Friendly, open minded people. We played Golf, sit together and shared dinner or lunch, we made interesting short trips and had our fun. This is what I miss here.

I have a chinese driving license and a car. So I can move. If you are interested, male, female lets meet for a coffee. I enjoy.

You can add me on wechat with the key word "Golf". 13916818673.

Perhaps I should say that. In my country Golf is a gentlemens- and ladies sport. People which play Golf have education, manners and style...


Last advice. Pleaaaaase take notice!!!

I am not your potencial customer. I dont want to talk about business. I have all, what I need. I dont want to buy something. I dont want sales- or moneytalks. I want to play Golf and share a good time. Thats all. Thank you for understanding.




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