• Body & Soul - Medical Clinics

    Body & Soul – Medical Clinics offer an integrative approach to health by combining Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with Western medicine in four locations in Shanghai. The international team of [open]

  • California Pizza Kitchen

    On March 27, 1985, attorneys Rick Rosenfield and Larry Flax traded in the courtroom for the dining room. Having always wanted to get into the restaurant business, they pitched their [open]

  • Fu Sheng Ruo Cha

    FuShengRuoCha has built up a reputation as one of the most popular Hong Kong style milk tea shops in the business. And the atmosphere and drinks evoke the vibrant street [open]

  • Grill Room

    This unpretentious eatery boasts a large open kitchen that allows guests to see an expert culinary team at work. And this refreshing atmosphere is complemented by fresh, down-to-earth dishes where [open]

  • Kebabs on the Grille

    Kebabs on the Grille offers an exciting dining experience, rarely found outside of India. Enjoy delicious authentic curries and kebabs with a wide selection of traditional accompaniments. [open]

  • Mandarin City

    Mandarin City is dedicated to teaching Mandarin Chinese and Shanghai dialect as a foreign language. We can offer you various courses options according to your level or needs. All courses [open]


    Founded in 2001, MSH CHINA is a leading high-end health insurance service provider in China. Our headquarters and operation center is in Shanghai. We have branch offices in Beijing and [open]

  • TUK Turkish Restaurant

    TUK Turkish Restaurant in Pudong serves traditional Turkish food, freshly made in our open-style kitchen. Our outdoor terrace is perfect for enjoying an authentic Turkish meal in the sunshine, prepared [open]