• 221B Baker St

    There's not much of a mystery to the appearance of this place considering the renewed interest in Sherlock Holmes and especially his latest incarnation, Benedict Cumberbatch.[open]

  • The Coffee Beanery

    Specialty coffee franchise.[open]

  • Hu Cafe

    Hidden behind the chaos of Zhongshan Park and the Cloud Nine Shopping Mall, Hu Cafe serves up no-nonsense vegetarian fare including cakes, sandwiches and coffees from around the world.[open]

  • Moli Coffee

    Caffe Molinari, one of Shanghai's most professional coffee company now brings you the lastest European craze in coffee culture - The Coffee Pod Espresso Machine! These practical, affordable machines produce [open]

  • Starbucks Coffee

    Consistent and reliable is Starbucks and well versed are the staff [open]