• Java+

    A modern and lively neighbourhood destination, offering signature coffee and tea, freshly baked pastries, authentic cakes, freshly-squeezed juices and healthy grab & go sandwiches.[open]

  • Ken's Kitchen

    Serving up memorable food is the mission of Ken’s Café in Hongkou district. The eatery is located in a colonial-style villa built by the British and offers a tranquil getaway [open]

  • La Brioche

    Sells baked goods alongside a selection of sandwiches and other simple eats.[open]

  • Mavilla

    Mavilla is a unique concept that combines a French restaurant featuring international flourishes with a butchery, delicatessen and caterer.[open]

  • Organic Kitchen

    Organic service with healthy salads, sandwiches, pastas, juices, desserts and Asian dishes cooked using quality ingredients. Delivery through Mealbay.[open]

  • Pure & Whole

    Kush is a vegetarian cafe dealing in healthy eats like tofu, lentil, or chickpea "burgers," wraps, gluten-free pastas, salads of seeds, nuts, and sprouts, as well as fresh juices and [open]

  • Sprout Lifestyle

    We welcome you to Sprout Lifestyle’s Takeaway Café in the new Eco Village at 485 Fenglin Lu where we feed you what just might be the tastiest, most wholesome [open]

  • Subway

    Sandwich fast-food chain with quick-response times to quell snack cravings.[open]

  • Tosto

    Located in a quiet spot just behind Hongmei Rd, Tosto is an Italian restaurant that prides itself on its handmade pizzas and authentic Italian coffees. But it’s not all pizzas [open]