• DOZO Izakaya

    Dozo offers contemporary Japanese cuisine in chic surroundings.[open]

  • Eton Café

    Located on the 3rd floor of the Eton Hotel Shanghai, the Eton Café impresses with its open-kitchen concept. The café’s expert chef prepares Asian delicacies, as well as Japanese and [open]

  • Fount Restaurant

    Fount combines the fine dining tradition of Japanese cuisine with the crystallized essence of innovation, covering steamed, cooked and grilled items, as well as sashimi and desserts. The delicate tastes [open]

  • Haiku JinQiao

    Haiku's unique origami-inspired decor and unparalleled service make for a truly unique dining experience.[open]

  • Hikari Japanese Restaurant

    Hikari is a restaurant full of natural and warmth which offers fresh and personalized Japanese food. Whether for family dinners or a meal with a friend, the cozy atmosphere makes [open]

  • Inagiku

    A stylish yet traditional Japanese restaurant that offers premium sushi, teppanyaki and the famous Inagiku tempura. Five exclusively-designed privatedining rooms offer an environment for social or business gatherings.[open]

  • Ooedo

    Opened way back in 1994,(the first branch on Donghu Rd), Ooedo is still serving up classic Japanese cuisine.[open]

  • Secret Garden

    Warm, dimly lit atmosphere within an old house is a welcome change to conventional Chinese dining. Popular with Japanese clientele with impressive selection of seafood dishes. [open]

  • Shintori Null-2

    All the world's a stage at this industrial culinary powerhouse. Presentation is key here, down to your personal choice of ceramic sake cup. [open]

  • Sumo Sushi

    Pick your favourites off the conveyor belt as it makes it's way round, and the hotpots are worth a whirl too.[open]

  • Tairyo

    Down cups of all-you-can-drink sake while guzzling down the all-you-can-eat Japanese fish and meats at this Shanghai favorite for overindulgence.[open]

  • Takumi

    The cooking style (known as robata) at this upscale Japanese eatery originates in Hokkaido.[open]