• Bocado

    For fervent food lovers, Bocado brings the best of Spanish cuisine by sourcing premium produce and indigenous ingredients from all regions of Spain, to ensure that every mouthful is as [open]


    No description has been submitted yet.[open]

  • La Cocina

    La Cocina aims for admirable food set in a casual atmosphere. Led by Chef Kike Garcia, they craft innovative variations on traditional Spanish recipes. Their menu is continuously updated [open]

  • La Pedrera

    Located in the Bund area, this expansive two-floor eatery offers all the typical Spanish staples (paella, tapas, Iberico ham) alongside a few surprises (grilled beef Kobe and Australian Angus steaks). [open]

  • Malabar

    Spanish Restaurant[open]

  • me Gusta

    Keeping guests happy is the name of the game at the aptly named me Gusta, a Spanish eatery that specializes in high-end Iberian wines. Co-owner Betty Wei is a dedicated [open]

  • Pika Pika

    Boasting a Moroccan-style atmosphere, Pika Pika is a restaurant that specializes in food from the Spanish Peninsula. With the combination of traditional Spanish flavors and modern cooking methods, the aromas [open]

  • Red Square

    Russian restaurant located in an interesting and literally enchanting historic building, which stands out as the landscape of this part of the city that you can not pass by. [open]

  • Red Square

    Red Square is a roomy Russian restaurant in the 1933 Building. They serve a wide variety of Eastern European cuisine in inexpensive, tapas-like portions allowing you to sample both the [open]

  • Tapas Mediterraneo

    Located at the heart of the Jingan business district, Tapas Mediterraneo has spared no cost in creating a Spanish eatery as authentic as anything you will find on the Iberian [open]

  • UNICO Shanghai

    UNĂ¯CO is the 1st condensed trendiest Latin Place in Shanghai offering the guest an immersive journey into the Latin culture and spirit with a French touch. This tapas lounge of [open][ 1 Event ]