• Aurora Plaza

    Aurora Plaza is an office-space that also includes a museum.[open]

  • Himalayas Art Museum

    Formerly known as the Zendai Museum of Modern Art, this non-profit institute has a mission to promote Chinese contemporary art, by focusing on exhibitions, academic research and cultural exchanges. The [open]

  • Liu Hai Su Art Museum

    A modern art gallery based on China's new art movement, named for one of its founders - Liu Haisu, a well-known Chinese contemporary artist who specialized in oil painting and [open]

  • Long Museum West Bund

    Developed from a former coal-conveying platform, the Long Museum West Bund occupies 355,000 sq ft and houses the the private art collection of Liu Yiqian and Wang Wei.[open]

  • Lu Xun Museum

    Museum and tomb dedicated to one of the most influential Chinese writers in modern times, Lu Xun. Exhibits include manuscripts, personal effects and photos, as well as the headstone and [open]


    MiXPACE is a co-working space gathering start-ups with a gym, rest area, reading area, a coffee shop and plenty of functional areas. MiXPACE organizes art and design activities on a [open]

  • Museum of Contemporary Art Shanghai (MoCA Shanghai)

    Non-profit, independently-operated contemporary art institution. Endorsed by the Shanghai Municipal Government and funded by the Samuel Kung Foundation, MOCA Shanghai is devoted to the promotion of Chinese and international contemporary [open]

  • Philip Ringler Photography

    Fine Art Photography * Promotional Photography * Portraiture * Commercial Photography * Photojournalism Philip has 21 years experience in all areas of photography and is now offering photography services to [open]

  • Shanghai Arts and Crafts Museum

    Dedicated to workers of industry, this museum presents all sorts of craftwork across a variety of disciplines, including fine carvings in jade, wood, ivory, and bamboo; hand-stitched fabrics; and assorted [open]

  • Shanghai Astronomical Museum

    Located on the outskirts of Shanghai in SheShan, this astronomy museum houses telescopes, exhibitions on the nature of time and space, and displays of other early instruments used to explore [open]

  • Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art

    A concrete monolith housing contemporary art and promoting international art exchange, aiming to fulfill five major functions: exhibition, research, education, collection and communication.[open]

  • Shanghai Film Museum

    This 15,000 sqm former film studio has been transformed into the first venue dedicated to documenting and promoting Shanghai's cinematic history. The museum boasts 4 floors, over 70 interactive installations [open]

  • Shanghai Ming Yuan Art Museum

    We haven't checked this place out yet. If you have, please let us know what you think in the comments![open]

  • Shanghai Municipal History Museum

    Beneath Shanghai’s landmark Oriental Pearl TV Tower, exhibits centering on the city’s history are housed, showing over 1000 relics of sights, sounds and scents from 6000 years ago, up until [open]

  • Shanghai Museum

    Possesses a collection of 120,000 precious works of art, spread across eleven permanent galleries, with an addition three temporary halls for visiting exhibits. Artifacts displayed include ancient Chinese bronze, ceramics, [open]

  • Shanghai Museum of Natural History

    A mixture of animal and plant specimens is on display here, including a couple of mummies, embryos and a 140-million-year-old dinosaur skeleton, as well as many rare species of animal [open]

  • Shanghai Science and Technology Museum

    With both the wonders of the natural world and man's scientific achievements, this large 98,000sqm museum is full of modern exhibits. Opened in 2001, its exhibits range from the ecological [open][ 1 Event ]

  • Shanghai Zendai Museum of Modern Art

    Art center containing numerous examples of modern art and incorporating both a studio space, and a center for art debate and research.[open]

  • Wulixiang Shikumen Museum

    Savoring of 1920s Shanghai, this museum is actually an old-style shikumen house, refurnished and decorated with memorabilia and artifacts of the period. Seven rooms of authentic environs create a mini [open]

  • Xuhui Art Museum

    Contains two exhibition halls, a lecture theater and several other small facilities, all housed in a rebuilt 1930s library.[open]

  • Yuz Museum

    Located along the West Bund in Xuhui District, Yuz Museum, Shanghai is a non-profit organization under the umbrella of the Yuz Foundation. The museum will strive to promote the exhibition [open]