• Arthingy

    Arthingy (pronounced art-thingy) is a bilingual art workshop for children grades 1 through 5. Together with the guidance of our two instructors, Christina and Kathryn, Arthingy provides your children with [open]

  • Artopia

    Traditional Chinese arts and crafts classes for those longing to learn paper making, woodblock printing, silkscreen printing, Chinese ink painting, calligraphy, seal carving, and traditional paper mounting. Each class lasts [open]

  • Artscape Shanghai

    Artscape Shanghai, the Epson authorized printing studio in Shanghai, specializes in fine art printing area. Working with many photographers, artists, designers and other arts related firms, its services include limited [open]

  • Asia Uncut

    Asia-wide TV chat show, with celebrity guests, live music and comedy segments. Participate in the live audience for free.[open]

  • C14 IMAGE

    If you have ever asked for a printing recommendation in Shanghai, then you know Carbon 14 Image. A Hahnemuehle Certified studio, their four certified technicians provide high quality printing for [open]

  • Carrie's Studio

    Amongst the many art spaces in TianZiFang is this little gem, selling art pieces and offering oil painting lessons at RMB200 per person.[open]

  • Children's Technology Workshop

    Established in Canada in 1997, Children’s Technology Workshop focuses on the design and development of science and technology programs, and offers educational courses in engineering, energy, robotics, animation, video game [open]

  • D FAshion Atelier Ltd.

    A place never seen before in shanghai, a 3-in 1 Fashion Studio, which includes space for fashion design classes, retail shop for the latest fashion and freelance design services. Private [open]

  • H.A.L.

    A postpat colonist publishing house promoting China-based works by exceptional authors. For those wishing to embark on a literary career, this organization is always looking for up-and-coming writers and fresh [open]

  • Hahani Pottery

    Setting up shop in Shanghai, this pottery franchise from Beijing mainly targets children, with a safe environment and non-toxic clay for kids to make into pots and plates - though [open]

  • Little Red Designs

    Custom crafts, uniquely created prints, portraits, murals and body art to make memorable gifts.[open]

  • Living Now Media

    3D/2D Animation creative house[open]

  • Mad Science

    Creative Direction, Design, Photography[open]

  • Mettagarden

    Mettagarden presents: City Samadhi Mettagarden is an experimental project that started in 2006 in Budapest. It is to create a space where you can freely experiment with your existence - your [open]

  • Mick Ryan Photography

    Traditional and artistic portrait photography. In the studio or on location. For business, family, website or resume. Portfolio available online.[open]

  • Mr. Film Pro Lab Studio

    We haven't checked this place out yet. If you have, please let us know what you think in the comments![open]

  • Packshot.cn

    Packshot.cn is an international-managed Shanghai-based photo studio focusing on low cost, high-quality product photos directly out of China. We create professional images of all kinds of products, typically in [open]

  • QSW Creative Arts Center

    By night, QSW throws some of the biggest, loudest parties in the city. By day, they're using their dance studios, recording studios, and kids' areas to foster Shanghai's creative potential.[open]

  • Rimagine

    Shanghai-based full-service photography company with a specialty in commercial and industrial photography.[open]

  • Shanghai Exhibition Center

    An exhibition hall strongly influenced by Communist Russian architecture. The space totals 22,000 square meters, partitioned into individual exhibition halls that can be used independently or collectively. The SEC has [open]

  • Shanghai Expo China Pavilion

    The Shanghai Expo China Pavilion was the star of Shanghai's 2010 International Expo, and one of the few pavilions that has not been taken down after the event. "The Crown [open]

  • Strictly Designers United

    Strictly Designers is a space that represents a compilation of furniture design, fashion and art.[open]

  • Urban Paintmob

    Setting up shop in the upper echelons of Italian ristorante Grazie, Urban Paintmob provides a solution for those in need of new ideas for corporate bonding days, team building exercises [open]

  • xing le

    1.发行周期:双月刊(偶数月5号发行); 2.发行量:20万册; 3.主要读者群;沿海地区25岁~40岁的富裕阶层; 4.杂志内容:主要分为三大类,旅心、风物、世象; [open]

  • Y-Now Creative Consultancy

    This firm provides professional intermediary and coordination service through specialized, personalized and creative techniques that promote aesthetic and humanistic values. Services range from graphic design, to model casting, show business [open]