ICONIC SHANGHAI - Shanghai Featured Roads Cultural Tour


Sep 09 & Sep 10 & Sep 12 - Sep 17 & Sep 19 - Sep 24 & Sep 26 - Oct 01 & Oct 03 - Oct 08 & Oct 10 - Oct 15 & Oct 17 - Oct 22 & Oct 24 - Oct 29  opening hours: from Tuesday to Sunday 10:00am – 5:00pm

Iconic Shanghai features the 64 “never widened roads” through artist Li Shoubai’s eyes. The exhibition creates a full journey that combines different artistic techniques 
and all kinds of information. The viewer’s attention will be first captured by the Haipai paper cutting artworks that will create a colorful and unique journey. Li Shoubai’s works portray secret corners of Shanghai with an extraordinary skill and singular perspective. 
The people will have the opportunity to “stroll” through these roads and discover the city’s overall urban features. Furthermore the public will discover the historical evolution of the roads, contrast photos from old and new Shanghai, aerial photos of the city as well as maps, a 16 meters digital installation and 19 short films. 
Iconic Shanghai is a journey meant for Shanghainese to rediscover their own city and for foreigners to understand its evolution and value.

Address: Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center. 100 Renmin Avenue, 2F.  Shanghai

Maria Hernandez, maria@shoubaiart.com