ALQVIMIA, found in 1984, is a brand which totally integrated into its natural surroundings. Our master concept is to extract the soul from the highest quality of plants and flowers [open]

  • At-Home

    At-Home is a joint investment between British and Mainland enterprises. Our founders are an international team of experienced individuals with backgrounds in cosmetics and healthcare industries. At-Home's headquarter [open]


    Damiani's exhibition '90 Years of Excellence and Passion' opens to the public in the Modern Art Gallery, Sala del Fiorino, of Palazzo Pitti, Florence on 19 June until September 7, [open]

  • FL Beauty Clinic

    Specialist services in laser and cosmetic procedures, adopting non-invasive aesthetic techniques to improve skin quality by treating various cutaneous imperfections. Fu-Li’s professional physicians have extensive experience and use effective, safe, [open]

  • Only Beauty

    Only Beauty comes from the french professional skin care concept of "home service" that has over 38 years of history. This convenient concept and service is now setting a new [open]

  • Shanghai ConBio Plastic and Laser Surgery Hospital

    Shanghai ConBlo Plastic and Laser Surgery Hospital was combined with American ConBlo Company and Shanghai Jing-An square central Hospital in 1998. The hospital introduced the most advanced plastic equipments and [open]

  • Zhencang

    With 8 years experience in tattoo and body art and more than 20 years in drawing and design work, RPtatoo has become known as a professional studio in Shanghai. Specialized [open]