• Anya Massage

    Relaxing massages, skillful masseuses and a range of treatments in a modern environment.[open]

  • Apsara Spa

    Cambodian luxury wellness sanctuary, giving spa lovers seasonal purification specials. This month, exfoliate the skin and relax the muscles with Apsara's Summer Refresher (RMB498), which includes ocean salt exfoliation and [open]

  • Aqua Villa

    Aqua Villa, a holistic spa, has developed signature therapies using exclusive natural product ranges, special treatment techniques and the latest in beauty technology and equipment. Each professionally trained therapist pampers [open]

  • Aroma Garden

    A one-stop natural health care center focusing on aromatherapy, with over over 600 essential oils, including extracts from Indian and Chinese herbal medicine plus Biodroga skincare products from Germany. Professional [open]

  • Bamboo Leaf Retreat

    All kinds of massages, waxes and manicures performed by experienced and well-trained therapists are available, including training sessions for those wishing to practice at home.[open]

  • Bamboo7 Massage

    Bamboo 7 is more than just professional massage therapy; it’s a sensation that combines relaxation and luxury. Here at Bamboo 7 you can relax and unwind, and we will promise you [open]

  • Body Talk TCM Spa

    Using French brands such as Decleor and Payot for facial and body care, Body Talk ensures that they use the best products during treatments, serving clientele with a high degree [open]

  • Bund Five Spa Oasis

    At Bund 5 Spa on the historic Bund, Shanghai’s most famous sightseeing spot,you can choose from an array of massage,body and beauty treatments with vast options of rejuvenating yourself inside [open]

  • CHI, The Spa

    Chi, The Spa at the Shangri-La, embraces a holistic approach to physical and spiritual wellbeing. Inspired by traditional Asian healing philosophies, our treatments are based upon the principles of restoring [open]

  • China Red Massage Center

    Located in Shanghai's CBD, China Red Massage Center provides professional massage services in a comfortable environment, using a unique technique derived from traditional Chinese medicine and aromatherapy. 24-hour home escort [open]

  • chinese massage

    stay in shanghai, you can not chang your skin color, but you can live a shanghai life . why not come into our world, [open]

  • ChunXuTang

    Using oriental massage to relax your mind and soul, this place aims to give you a feel for Chinese culture, as well as relaxing your system.[open]

  • Closed-Yi He Yuan Massage

    Foot massage RMB 68/60 min, Body massage RMB 88/60min, Aroma oil massage RMB 188/90 min, Chinese traditional massage RMB 168/60min. Business hours: 11:00 am-2am[open]

  • Damai Massage & Spa

    Damai is a premium spa offering a wide range of rejuvenating massage and body care services in a Zen-style environment. The owners' business philosophy is elegant simplicity, quiet comfort and [open]

  • Dragonfly

    Dragonfly retreat has locations all over the city and offers a variety of massage style including oil, Chinese, Japanese and foot massage, as well as facials, nails and gentle waxing. [open]

  • Emerald Massage

    offers unique massage for your enjoyment, including Foot massage (¥68/hr), Thai Massage and Ear Candling. You can also choose the traditional Oriental body massage(¥88/hr) or Swedish Oil massage(¥158/hr) according to [open]

  • Europa Beauty Spa

    Europa Beauty Spa offers customers a modern, European, relaxed environment to enjoy hands & feet care, and nail & eye beauty services. Professional, top-brand, Thuya products are used to enhance [open]

  • Eva Nails Spa

    Hi, this is Eva Nails Spa ,offer manicure & nail care & semi permanent tattoo/ Eyeliner /eyebrow service for you. we have professional service ,help you with a best [open]

  • Evian Spa

    The luxurious Evian Spa by Three is a chic, clean and contemporary escape from the hustle and bustle of the city streets below. With a 35 meter-high atrium entry on [open]

  • Fairyland

    Fairyland’s skill and services have been given great praise and attracted many social celebrities, including Japanese Sumotori Takamisakari and Nagashima Shigeo. Treat your body, mind and soul to a relaxing [open]

  • Frank'n Sense

    An upmarket New Age spa that offers organic herb facials, aromatherapy. Treatments aim to offer relaxation for both the body and spirit by utilizing a holistic approach that is specially [open]

  • Ganzhi Blindman Massage

    Professional deep massages performed by blind masseurs. This summer, beautify for less with a Rose Oil Foot Bath and Body Massage (EMB98 for two hours), or the Oil Pressure Spa [open]

  • Golden Resort Massage


  • Golden Shine Spa

    To make the skin full of transparency and soft,Golden shine contribute all effort to provide custom-made beauty services to every customer, and make here into a escape resort out of [open]

  • Green Massage

    Slow Life Let’s make your step slowly, that is our Green Massage’s tenet. To endow with the original energy for your life and wake up your body. 慢一步生活,Green Massage唯一宗旨。 给你生活原动力,唤醒身体的真实感受。 [open]

  • Helen Massage

    Using healthy products to provide customers with a natural, relaxing and therapeutic experience, the talented practitioners here are committed to providing a healthy massage supported by carefully sourced organic products.[open]

  • Huai Hai Massage

    With comfortable and clean environment, first-class techniques&services and reasonable prices, Huai Hai Massage will definately relieve all your tiredness and make you relaxed. Oil Massage: 158/Hour. We also provide door-to-door [open]

  • In One Spa

    With ancient aromatherapy, highly acclaimed massage and Indian refreshing Yoga, as well as the royal bath from the prosperous Tang dynasty in ancient China, ROYEL SPA, provides a sense of [open]

  • ITO Massage

    Offers a peaceful, comfortable environment within its spacious interior,as well as warm and friendly service provided by professional staff. This centrally located massage parlor produces natural French beauty products to [open]

  • Jin Chen Xing Blindman Massage

    Experience and skillful body and foot massage by visual handicap masseur, very reasonable price. Located at Shan Xi Nan Road, pass Jian Guo Xi Road.[open]

  • Juventas Spa(closed)

    Aromatherapy-grade essential oils, pure vegetable-base oils and internationally renowned professional products are used to restore health to body and soul.[open]

  • La Fleur Massage (Closed)

    Ease into your day with a treatment at this relaxing resort. Massage services include: foot massage, massage to relieve fatigue, oriental water therapy. Nail services include: manicure, pedicure, gel nails [open]

  • Le Spa

    Le Spa at Le Royal Méridien Shanghai is an oasis in the center of Shanghai. You can re-charge in your own private luxury treatment suite where aroma and fragrance welcome [open]

  • LifeSpa by Clark Hatch

    A full service facility for both men and women, LifeSpa provides you the pleasures of Bali-Asian secrets. LifeSpa features 5 single and 3 double treatment rooms, each equipped with its [open]

  • Liza Massage

    Liza's masseurs are all professionally trained in both theory and practice, using oil products from original Italian herbs that contain no chemical additives. The spa also offers advanced hydropathy, phototherapy, [open]

  • Lotos Spa

    Immersed in the spirit of "Zen" this premium spa in downtown Shanghai caters to the beauty needs of both men and women.[open]

  • Lotus Land Massage

    Soothe physical and mental fatigue with targeted healing remedies in the elegant and quiet atmosphere of Louts Land Massage. Health treatments, beauty therapies and essential oil massages promote blood circulation, [open]

  • Magpie Massage

    A small, specialized health center, gorgeously decorated in traditional Chinese Style. Magpie's masseurs are all highly qualified Chinese Medicine practitioners with extensive experience in spinal and back conditions.[open]

  • Mandara Spa

    Discover Luxury...rich silks, Chinese antiques, warm ambience. Discover Harmony...tranquil sounds, soothing aromas, private sanctuary. Discover Wellbeing...masterful techniques, quality skincare, total renewal. Discover yourself at Mandara.[open]

  • Matsutani Massage

    Relax, unwind and release the stresses of the day with foot care (RMB88/hour), classics Chinese massage (RMB88/hour), aroma oil massage (RMB168/h), Chinese nursing massage (RMB98/hour), Hawaii hot stone aroma oil [open]

  • Ming Massage

    Ming Massage - where professional service is guaranteed for those seeking the essence of massage. Ming offers Chinese foot, body and aromatherapy massage... the essence to a comfortable and leisurely [open]

  • Molive

    Molive's goal is simple: help you relax. They offer a variety of massage and wellness treatment options, each focused on your trouble spots. And their atmosphere is the very definition [open]

  • Oasis (Yuan) Club

    A 30-room health center that provides a variety of luxury spa treatments. These involve a range of massage therapies, including an Oriental foot massage, Chinese massage, Thai-style massage and European [open]

  • Peony Aromatheraphy Retreat

    Offer aromatherapy massages, facials and body therapies in exquisite, artistic Chinese-influenced setting. Pure essential oils of leading European brands are combined with exceptional massage techniques to produce specific effects of [open]

  • Qin Spa

    Nestled in the very heart of the urban nucleus, Qin Spa is a sanctuary of peace and rejuvenation. Treatments with roots buried deep in ancient oriental wisdom gently erode the [open]

  • Rain Spa

    Melding Thai and Chinese styles of massage, this spa draws on the element of water to soothe the stresses of Shanghai life, offering aroma oil packages, acupressure treatments and all [open]

  • Red Apple Spa & Massage

    Professional service that comes with individual washrooms, a 4000 square-meter space and a palace-like interior design; all for a reasonable price tag.[open]

  • Sakura Massage

    In this Japanese-style interior, professional masseurs demonstrate a range of Chinese, Japanese and European types of massage.[open]

  • Shanghai Kage Ladies Club

    Seek peace and quiet amidst the noisy center of Shanghai at Que Long Spa, where 800 square feet of luxurious surroundings await. Options include facials, eye treatments, health therapies, slimming [open]

  • Skin City 5.5

    Restoring skin to the perfect pH, Skin City 5.5 gives skin a clean, glowing look for all seasons.[open]

  • SongSong Massage

    An active and meticulous team with 9 years experience. Set in a mid-town garden, SongSong massage is a choice venue for professional and friendly service at an appealing price. Outcall [open]

  • Sooth Wind Massage

    Chinese Meridian Massage: 58RMB/Hour Message Therapy: 88RMB/Hour Foot Massage: 50RMB/Hour Oil Foot Massage: 78RMB/Hour Chinese oil massage: 100RMB/Hour Aroma Herbal Oil Massage: 160RMB/Hour Meridian Massage+Foot Massage: 90RMB/2 Hour Foot Massage+Oil Back Massage: 128RMB/2 Hour Contact:54658058 Offer Door-to-Door Service[open]

  • Spa Moment

    “Beauty” comes from the balance of body, mind and spirit. Escape from daily routine and experience Cleopatra’s superior service and professional products. Relax and indulge...[open]

  • Super Sense Spa

    This spa offers a lifestyle of health and sustainability, combining professional Thai-style massage with the first-class spa brand, Pevonia Botanica.[open]

  • Three Moon Spa

    三月精油舒压疗程 收费方式:RMB398元/120分钟 服务对象:男女不拘 疗程内容 Service contents ·洗浴 Shower ·火焰石腰部、关节热疗 Heat treatment ·头部穴位按摩 Head massage ·修脸,修甲、材耳 Shaving Nail care,Ear cleaning ·手部、脚部护理 Head & footrecovery treatment ·脸部深层保养护理 Facial [open]

  • Venus Spring Massage

    Going au naturel, this spa has purified air and water, plus eco-friendly products to use in their Japanese-influenced treatments.[open]

  • Vita Spa

    Located on the 4th level of the InterContinental Hotel & Resort in Pudong, the selection of individual, couple and VIP treatment rooms, combined with a pre-and post treatment relaxation lounge, [open]

  • Waldorf Astoria Spa

    The Waldorf Astoria Spa offers a range of luxury spa experiences, delivered by a team of qualified and skilled therapists. Eight secluded treatment rooms equipped with a private steam room [open]

  • We Spa

    A luxurious and professional spa is tucked away from the bustle and hustle of the city,we offer great customized advice and treatment techniques, WE SPA is an ideal retreat for [open]

  • Wellness Spa

    The Wellness Spa is the European style day spa, aiming to provide each guest with a personalised journey to wellness, focusing on the senses of sight, smell, touch, and sound. [open]

  • Willow Stream Spa

    Drawing from the glorious history of the Fairmont Peace Hotel and the cosmopolitan character of modern Shanghai, this elegant spa transports you back to The Bund's classic glamor days while [open]

  • Yafu Living Stream Spa

    Yafu Spa was established by a Chinese American lady, Yafu. It offers bian stone sauna, full body oil massage, and foot massage. It uses high-quality essential oil and the staff [open]

  • Yi De Massage

    Offers a high-quality professional massage at an extremely competitive price.[open]

  • Yili Shirley

    With all the noise and rush of city life, a relaxing getaway spot is a must. Yili Shirley is just that: peaceful, quiet, soothing. Explore their many massage and aromatherapy [open]

  • Yili Shirley Healthcare Club

    Here's the place right for you, keep y- ou away from the city's noises, relieve your emotions and refresh your feeli- ngs. At Yili Shirley Healthcare Club, you may enjoy the [open]

  • Youthful Oriental Massage & Spa

    Youthful Oriental Massage & Spa Retreat[open]

  • Yu Massage

    Foot Massage RMB68/60mins,Traditional Chinese Massage RMB78/60mins, Aroma Oil Foot Massage BMR98/mins,Oil Back Massage RMB108/60mins, Aroma Oil Massage RMB158/60mins, Aromatic Oil Body & Foot Package RMB256/120mins,Foot&Chinese Package RMB110/120mins(Daily before [open]

  • Yu Spa

    Ease your fatigue in a tranquil and elegant atmosphere at Sleppa. The majority of the chiropractors are men specialized in oil & Thai massages, as well as traditional Chinese massages. [open]

  • Yuan spa

    Inspired by the simple flow and natural beauty of a river, Yuan Spa is the reflection, as if in a clear, spring-fed pool, of Shanghai's most natural, modern luxuries. [open]