• Architecture for Humanity

    A charity that combines architecture and other professional skills to benefit the local community, constructing community centers, renovating homes and generally helping Shanghai's domestic population using environmentally conscious methods.[open]

  • Bao Bei Foundation

    Bao Bei works to help improve the lives of Chinese orphans that were born with neurological and gastro-intestinal disorders. Through various volunteer and donation opportunities, you can help give these [open]

  • BEAN

    BEAN was created to foster lasting personal and professional connections between people of diverse backgrounds, while contributing to the greater community, through social work and volunteering. A professional organization should [open]

  • Best Friends China

    Best Friends China is a non-profit animal welfare group. Our objectives are to promote adoption, spay/neuter, volunteer work and emergency coordination in Shanghai.

    We hope that more people in China [open]

  • Chi Fan For Charity

    Started in Beijing in 2009 and arriving in Shanghai in 2011, Chi Fan for Charity has become an influential charity event among expat communities in China. It has collectively raised [open]

  • Chi Heng Foundation

    Adults and orphans with AIDS in central China are supported by the foundation, which raises funds for the afflicted individuals' basics needs and provides educational opportunities[open]

  • Concordia Welfare and Education Foundation

    Impoverished rural communities are the beneficiaries of this Hong Kong-based operation, which does everything from helping countryside students find scholarship opportunities to cleansing water supplies.[open]

  • East West Theatre

    Expatriate theater group performing a variety of plays around Shanghai.[open]

  • ExpatWomen.com

    ExpatWomen.com is a comprehensive, global website helping women living overseas. The site displays 1000 quality content pages, including over 1400 expat women blogs, a growing archive of readers' stories, invaluable [open]

  • Good to SH

    An eco-conscious organization that organizes and cooperates with numerous environmentally friendly organizations.[open]

  • Habitat for Humanity

    Giving houses a new lick of paint, HFH works around the globe to aid those whose homes have been damaged or destroyed, though both renovation and construction.[open]

  • HaiguiSH

    The vision of HaiguiSH.com is to attract, retain, and advance the Returning Chinese to positively contribute to the quality of life in Greater Shanghai. To achieve this, the mission of [open]

  • Happy Valley

    Large amusement park, full of thrill rides and performances, with something for children and adults alike.[open]

  • Heart to Heart Shanghai

    Works in a multitude of way to help repair the hearts of children in need in Shanghai. Volunteers can help by playing and entertaining the youngsters during their hospitalization, while [open]

  • Home Sweet Home

    Through educational and vocational training programs, homeless individuals are given the opportunity to change their own lives.[open]

  • Indian Association in Shanghai

    The Indian Association was formed in the year 2004 by merging the Shanghai Indian Business Association (SHIBA) and the Shanghai Indian Ladies Association (SHILA). SHIBA was formed in 1997 under the [open]

  • The Library Project

    To provide resources for underfunded institutions, The Library Project gathers together a wide range of books to distribute through libraries, schools and orphanages.[open]

  • MiFan MaMa

    MiFan MaMa works to provide over 200 children living at Lao Wang's orphanage in Anhui Province with food to help sustain the needs of these abandoned children. Through the support [open]

  • Morning Tears

    Morning Tears started as an organization focused on aiding children in dealing with the emotional and psychological effects of having a parent in prison. Currently, they help these children in [open]

  • Noodle Walking Tours

    Tour company operating bespoke walking tours with a team of experienced guides - featuring noodles stalls around Shanghai. Tours are made to your requirements, providing you with a unique and [open]

  • Ok, Deal! Club

    Socializing and networking organization, hosting events for young professionals who need to unwind.[open]

  • Paw Pals Animal Rescue in Shanghai

    Paw Pals Animal Rescue (PPAR) was founded in 2007 by a group of individual animal rescuers. The mission of PPAR is to provide for the rescue and compassionate care of [open]

  • Red Cross Society of China (Shanghai Branch)

    The Red Cross Society of China aims at aiding in humanitarian needs, wherever and whenever they are needed. The charity provide disaster relief, first aid training programs and human resource [open]

  • River of Hearts

    Holding several sorting parties throughout the year, this charitable branch of the Shanghai Community Centre accepts donations for recycled clothes, toys, book and more.[open]

  • The seed project

    The project idea began with using the Arts to help support underprivileged locals who have been homeless or engaged in harmful lifestyles. By selling products they create such as jewelery, [open]

  • Shanghai Golfers Club

    Society for aficionados of tees, greens and 18 holes, with socials and trips to the city's golf venues.[open]

  • Shanghai Neeshop laptop hardware repair & software issues

    (A)We offer visiting service of computer repair: 1.Professional repair laptop hardware any problems.(our website for details) 2.Operating sysem reinstall (winXP Vista)and network problems. 3.Viruses & trojans removal. (B)Welcome to visite our website [open]

  • Shanghai Sunrise

    Perpetually working to help improve the educational opportunities of China's least fortunate children, Shanghai Sunrise is always seeking sponsorship and contributions to assist children in reaching their full potential.[open]

  • Soho-ku

    Started originally to help those without certain limbs, Soho-ku has since expanded to help other disabled communities, as well as offering handicraft classes (for which they are always seeking volunteer [open]

  • The Wheelchair Foundation

    Non-profit organization helping to mobilize people around the world. For a person that is immobile, the seemingly simple gift of a wheelchair has the power to change an entire [open]

  • Xin Dan Wei

    Xin Dan Wei presents a charged and passionate space where, for nominal fees, you can meet, work and be creative all at once; sharing ideas with fellow entrepreneurs, designers and [open]