• Active Sport Active Social

    Shanghai's largest sport league and social event organizers. Membership is free. Activities include basketball, soccer, paintball, dodge ball and biking.[open]

  • The American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai

    The American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai (AmCham Shanghai) is a non-partisan, non-profit business organization established in 1915. It is the third overseas American chamber to operate worldwide, established only [open]

  • Bboying Workshops

    These breakdance workshops are intended for beginners and more advanced students. A bilingual tutor gives each participant training at their level. The class develops techniques, basic steps, and musicality. Beginners [open]

  • Black Casket

    A year-round haunted house, situated along the banks of the HuangPu River. Gutting an everyday concrete house, the owners have filled the interior with a mix of antique sculptures and [open]

  • Deejay Dance Studios

    Centrally located studios that host a wide range of movement and dance classes.[open]

  • Experimental School of Shanghai Conservatory of Music

    The Experimental School is affiliated to the Shanghai Conservatory of Music[open]

  • Lakeville 2 Regency Club

    The clubhouse attached to a luxury serviced apartment compound in Xintiandi. It also houses a pool and gym and holds regular fitness classes.[open]

  • Meetup Club

    Organizes short, relaxed weekend tours for expats and locals seeking to make friends. The tour price covers most expenses and food preferences are accommodated where possible. Overnight accommodation is arranged [open]

  • Prodigy Mountain Biking Club

    We organize all kinds of mountain biking activities including weekend trips, long distance trips, biking competition, biking training etc. We have trips every weekend out of Shanghai. Normally go to mountainous [open]

  • Shanghai Chess Club

    The Shanghai Chess Club holds regular weekly events.[open]

  • Shanghai Community Fellowship

    Christmas Musical, 2pm & 4pm, Dec 10 Christmas Worship Service, 2pm & 4pm, Dec 24 [open]

  • Shanghai Gaelic Football Club

    Shanghai GFC was founded in 2002 by two China veterans – Noelie ‘The Legend’ Lennon and Ronan ‘Inflammable Ron’ McGuinness. From humble beginnings the club has grown in stature over [open]

  • Shanghai Hockey Club

    Volunteer organization run by addicts who actually introduced ice hockey to Shanghai. Open to all players and skill levels. Meets are weekly for league games and they offer a fun [open]

  • Shanghai International Football League

    With 20 league teams and two divisions, the year-round SIFL holds a strong amateur league football with a steady following SIFL plays 11-a-side games weekly at Tianma Country Club. Season [open]

  • Shanghai Squash Association

    The club offers competitions, tournaments, training, lessons, practice venues and can help you out with any squash-related questions![open]

  • ShangLong Dragonboat Team

    The Shanglong Dragonboat Club is a group of recreational paddlers promoting the traditional Chinese sport of dragonboating in Shanghai. We are the only amateur dragonboat club in Shanghai and welcome [open]

  • Shosholoza Shanghai

    Are you living or visiting Shanghai and looking for social events for networking with other Southern Africans? If so please feel free to join us, we welcome nationals from all [open]

  • Sol' Asia

    Sol'Asia has been created since 2002 in France. From 2002 until now, Sol'Asia has helped in many projects across South East Asia, mainly in Vietnam, but also Thailand, Cambodia and [open]

  • Speed Networking

    Speed Networking holds events in Shanghai every 3 weeks or so for business people hoping to make contacts and networks fast. Our aim is to provide you with the necessary platform [open]

  • Sticky Fingers

    Paints! Glitter! Paper! Come join our kid’s Arts and Crafts class! Kids ages 2-4 with an adult, Mondays 10:00 – 11:00. [open]

  • SynXpace

    SynXpace is giving seminars and training programms for foreigners and employees. Cross Cultural Interchange Program for entry- and exit training as well as crosscultural teambuilding. Tel: 15801960040 synxpace@gmail.com[open]

  • Talent Discovery Bilingual Toastmasters Club

    Running out of words while toasting your colleagues or bosses on a New Year Eve banquet?... Your mind went blank and yourself sweat like a pig once you were pushed to [open]

  • YANA Adventures

    YANA Adventures, Inc. is as an outdoors club with friends from all over the world and all walks of life. With YANA, you can discover the ancient mysteries and [open]