"The Princess Bride" Is Coming To Shanghai & You Can Win Tickets!

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Wednesday, May 11, 2016 

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Nearly 30 years after the original came out and the phrase "you killed my father, prepare to die" became a pop-culture reference instead of Sicily's motto, 80's cult classic The Princess Bride is coming to the Shanghai stage. 

If your 80s nostalgia-boner is ruining the line of your suit, you're welcome and you can just skip to the dates/prices at the bottom of the article, where we also have a chance to win tickets for 2 to the showing on the 13th of May!



For the rest of you, the summary; the 80’s screen classic has been "adapted" by globe-trotting theater production group Urban Aphrodite.


We were lucky enough to have a chat with Ann James, the director and executive producer of the show, about how she had gone about turning such a beloved movie into a piece of theater.



The first thing we asked about was the script. Who turned the screenplay into a play-play? The answer is no one. The film is so heavily quoted that the director actually decided to just keep the script, word for word, the same. So if you have a favourite movie quote, you are guaranteed to see it. And if you've never seen the movie, well, we guess Urban Aphrodite is saving you the effort.


The set was the next big challenge, said James. In the film, (as we're sure you all know because you've seen the movie a dozen times) they bound from location to location with alarming frequency. First it's a boat, then a cliff-top then a castle, then a swamp, then another castle... this is something that is nearly impossible to pull off on stage. Instead, the cast will use a mixture of physical theatre and Butoh style movement to create a fluid set within the boundaries of a proscenium arch. You could say it's... inconceivable.



Due to the style of the film, the actors in the theatre rendition will have plenty of opportunities to break the fourth wall, so we imagine it'll be a lot of laughs and a lot of silliness. The audience members are also being invited to dress up as their favourite characters so you can really get into the swing of things! 


It'll most likely be a weird mix of slap-stick humour, some very ambitious set design/performance and plenty of audience participation (hope you're into that sort of thing). At least we already know it's a brilliant script.


Kind of like a Brechtian/Butoh/Pantomine… we can't help but feel a little excited.



The Details

Dates: The play is opening at The Pearl Theater on May 12th, and it'll be running every Thursday - Sunday until May 22nd. 


Times: Thursdays and Sundays are at 8.30 PM, Fridays and Saturdays are at 9 PM.


How Much: Tickets are available for 200RMB at tickets@urbanaphrodite.nl, or you could enter our contest to win tickets for the Friday 13th of May showing!


WIN | Friday 13th Tickets for 2 to "The Princess Bride"

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  4. You'll be entered into a random draw. We haven't worked out exactly how we'll draw the winner, but one idea includes writing your name on a stuffed mouse and seeing which one our office cat attacks first.

  5. Deadline is TOMORROW at 6 PM and we've only got 3 x two-person tickets to give away! So be quick about it!