• Ai Mei

    Ai Mei Chinese Restaurant at Le Royal Meridien Shanghai features traditional Cantonese cuisine with popular Sichuanese and Shanghainese dishes. The restaurant can seat a total of 360 persons in one [open]

  • Bi Feng Tang

    Offers a wide variety of Cantonese dim sum and noodles. Open til the wee hours, perfect after a night out. [open]

  • Bull Market Chinese Restaurant

    A huge pair of ox horns hangs over the gate to this classic Cantonese restaurant, which presents authentic food in both traditional and creative styles. Its dim mood lighting and [open]

  • Cha

    Aping the 1950s’ era Hong Kong tea-restaurant, this venue does a fairly good job of presenting traditional dishes, in a style reminiscent of the original Cantonese diners.[open]

  • Chao Yue

    Chao Yue[open]

  • Crystal Jade Restaurant

    One of the most popular Sunday Cantonese dim sum brunch choices in town that also offers Shanghainese favorites. The spicy dan dan mian packs a kick. [open]

  • De Zhen Yuan

    With a tranquil atmosphere, De Zhen Yuan catering provides a comfortable and elegant dining experience, which is equally matched with its professional service.The restaurant specializes in organic Cantonese cuisine, Xiangshan [open]

  • Dynasty

    All-You-Can-Eat-Dim-Sum! Indulge in the rich flavors of a genuine yum cha feast with more than 68 varieties of freshly cooked dim sum specially prepared by our Hong Kong and Guangzhou chefs [open]

  • Faigo

    Faigo All Cards[open]

  • Grandma’s Kitchen

    Open till 4am serving food for food’s sake. No frills dim sum, wontons, noodle soup and stir-fried dishes.[open]

  • Gui Hua Lou

    Pudong Shangri-La's newest Chinese restaurant will offer a variety of specialty dishes from Sichuanese, Shanghainese and Cantonese cuisine [open]

  • Hang Yuen Hin

    With a 300 dish menu it’s a good thing this restaurant is in Xujiahui Park. You’ll want to over eat and walk it off[open]

  • Heng Shan Café

    Gobble a large variety of Cantonese delights, ranging from barbecued meat dishes, claypots and casserole dishes, soups, noodles, abalone and shark's fin.[open]

  • Hong Kong Restaurant

    Authentic Hong Kong Restaurant serving traditional Cantonese cuisine combined with Shanghainese specialities in an elegant atmosphere.[open]

  • HongKong Fat Tu

    Seafood hot pot, Hong Kong style.[open]

  • Jin Yu Shanghai Restaurant

    Combines the best of Cantonese, Shanghainese and Sichuanese cuisines. Also offers authentic Hong Kong-style dim sum from Monday to Sunday. [open]

  • Jun Yue

    Swallow’s nest, shark’s fin soup and other ethically challenging cuisines.[open]

  • Louie Restaurant

    Typical diner-style restaurant, distinguished by its mélange of western staples, quintessential Cantonese cuisine and a sprinkling of influences from Southeast Asian cultures.[open]

  • Man Ho

    Man Ho re-defines luxury dining, featuring authentic Cantonese cuisine carried with the loca vore of Shanghai and Beijing. Offering 10 private dining rooms, with the largest accommodating 25 guests, Man [open]

  • Ming Tang Organic Dining Wine & Bar

    Nestled in the Cool Docks area, Ming Tang serves Westernized, healthy Cantonese food using only organic ingredients.[open]

  • Molokai

    Molokai is a Hong Kong-style cha canting. The menu largely comprises staples like fried lo mein, Hainan chicken rice, shrimp wontons and classic diner drinks like soda with salted lemon, [open]

  • Noble House

    Enjoy fine dim sum and the grounds of the Anting Villa on this breathtakingly quiet little street.[open]

  • Queen Mudanting

    Stir fries and dim sum, just like one gets off the streets of Hong Kong.[open]

  • Secret Garden

    Warm, dimly lit atmosphere within an old house is a welcome change to conventional Chinese dining. Popular with Japanese clientele with impressive selection of seafood dishes. [open]

  • Sheng Hui Tang

    Authentic Cantonese dishes created by Hong Kong master chef, Pan Xian Wen. Inspiring décor, six private rooms and spectacular views of the NanPu Bridge and HuangPu River.[open]

  • T'ang Court

    Ostentatious but with high-quality food, this Cantonese restaurant's focuses are on modernity and luxury.[open]

  • Wan Hao

    Award-winning Wan Hao Chinese restaurant showcases fine traditional Cantonese cuisine, led by Chinese Executive Chef Law and his team. Highlights include favourite Shanghainese specialities. The restaurant has five additional private [open]

  • Wan Li Restaurant

    Traditional Cantonese cuisine and Shanghainese specialities. Serving dim sum brunch 11am to 2:30pm for 88 kuai plus 15%.[open]

  • Wei Jing Ge

    An exercise in the art of chinoiserie, Wei Jing Ge has a mixture of classic Chinese cuisine, from Shanghainese and Cantonese, to Huai Yang.[open]

  • Yar Chi Ting

    Creative Cantonese and Shanghainese cuisine presented in a stunning environment[open]

  • Yi Long Court

    The Pen’s Cantonese restaurant, with food created by Executive Chef Tang Chi Keung, whose previous restaurant was the recipient of a Michelin Star.[open]

  • Zen

    All the savory Cantonese classics in elegant and serene surrounds. The creamy mango pudding is definitely worth leaving room for.[open]