• Chu Xiang Yuan

    Chu Xiang Yuan[open]

  • Di Shui Dong

    One of the most popular Chinese joints for locals and foreigners alike, this Hunan-style restaurant is always packed despite a cafeteria-sized main dining area, though there are at least a [open]

  • Gu Yi

    Notably the most popular choice for Hunan cuisine in Shanghai - booking not available after 6pm, so be prepared to wait. [open]

  • Hunan House

    Filling the menu with authentic dishes and childhood memories, Cotton Ding creates a delicious medley of HuNan Province's traditional cuisine for any lover of smoky flavors and spicy specials.[open]

  • Xi Na

    Hunan restaurant located on the Eastern edge of Xintiandi in a 2-storey Shikumen villa. Expect an excellent selection of spicy Chinese dishes from the south-central province.[open]

  • XiNa

    Housed in a classic 2-storey Shikumen villa in Xintiandi, Xi Na serves traditional Hunan cuisine. They balance rustic China and high-end dining that weighs just enough on the latter end [open]