• Bamboo

    For a refreshing dining experience with fresh sashimi and sushi at reasonable prices, try this Japanese-fusion cuisine restaurant in the Grand Gateway Plaza.[open]

  • Buten

    Going against the grain of XinTianDi, this restaurant features reasonably priced Japanese food. It may seem suspicious but you can't argue with the bill.[open]

  • California Rolls

    California Rolls is created by the Chef behind Sushi’O’s original menu and the famous crispy-skinned elevation of Teriyaki chicken. It serves both traditional Japanese hot and cold foods and East-meets-West [open]

  • Cui Sushi

    Cute little sushi spot with reasonable prices and good quality.[open]

  • DOZO Izakaya

    Dozo offers contemporary Japanese cuisine in chic surroundings.[open]

  • Eton Café

    Located on the 3rd floor of the Eton Hotel Shanghai, the Eton Café impresses with its open-kitchen concept. The café’s expert chef prepares Asian delicacies, as well as Japanese and [open]

  • Fount Restaurant

    Fount combines the fine dining tradition of Japanese cuisine with the crystallized essence of innovation, covering steamed, cooked and grilled items, as well as sashimi and desserts. The delicate tastes [open]

  • Fount Restaurant

    Inspired by Japanese fine dining, Fount combines innovative dishes with classic technique. They've got almost every variation of the cuisine here: eat dishes that are steamed, cooked, fried, grilled or [open]

  • Gintei Teppanyaki Sushi

    All-you-can-eat sushi and teppanyaki with skilled chefs slicing and dicing right in front of you. Ideal for large gatherings.[open]

  • Haiku by Hatsune

    Uber-popular Japanese sushi restaurant that is beloved amongst Shanghai residents. Their mix of rolls sates the appetite with rich flavors and fresh fish.[open]

  • Haiku IFC

    Located just across the river from the originial, Haiku IFC takes its place among other fine dining restaurants and shops in the upscale IFC shopping center. It's unique origami-inspired decor [open]

  • Haiku JinQiao

    Haiku's unique origami-inspired decor and unparalleled service make for a truly unique dining experience.[open]

  • Hanano Japanese Restaurant

    Hanano Japanese Restaurant has elevated its entire approach to Japanese food and service, boldly positioning itself as the city’s premier choice for hi-end Japanese dining. [open]

  • Hatsuhana

    At last! A restaurant that is not just a destination for those stranded in PuDong, but arguably makes PuDong a destination in its own right. Indeed, reservations are recommended at [open]

  • Hatsune Binjiang

    Hatsune Binjiang[open]

  • Hikari Japanese Restaurant

    Hikari is a restaurant full of natural and warmth which offers fresh and personalized Japanese food. Whether for family dinners or a meal with a friend, the cozy atmosphere makes [open]

  • Hong Zhuang Teppanyaki

    All-you-can-eat-and-drink Japanese teppanyaki buffet for a very affordable price.[open]

  • Inagiku

    A stylish yet traditional Japanese restaurant that offers premium sushi, teppanyaki and the famous Inagiku tempura. Five exclusively-designed privatedining rooms offer an environment for social or business gatherings.[open]

  • Inno Dining

    A Japanese fusion restaurant where the menu changes on a daily basis. Particular specialties are the Toro and the Cheese Fondue.[open]

  • Itoya

    Popular chain offers both a-la-carte and all-you-can-eat/drink menu of fresh sushi and sashimi as well as authentic cooked dishes. [open]

  • Japanese Sushi Bar

    One of the authentic Japanese restaurants in downtown with extensive selections from steamboat, sukiyaki, or Kimuchi Steamboat. Buffet set meal for only RMB 88. Open up until 2 AM. Good [open]

  • Jinya Japanese Restaurant

    Tempered with Chinese and Western influences, this restaurant serves Japan’s most popular foodstuffs. On the first floor, an ellipse-shaped sushi bar offers sashimi slices and sushi rolls, while on the [open]

  • Junsai

    Japanese sushi restaurant with reasonable prices, elegant environs and efficient service.[open]

  • Kagen Teppanyaki

    This latest addition to the Haiku restaurant family is serving up high quality Japanese teppanyaki at reasonable prices for a fun, casual evening. Now introducing the Kagen Teppanyaki buffet RMB228 all-you-can-eat & [open]

  • Kappo Yu

    A second Sushi Oyama, just as extravagant and tasty as its older sibling. There's no menu, just the chef's ten-course meal, which varies according to the season.[open]

  • Karaku

    High-end multi-level Japanese restaurant with uniquely styled interior private rooms.[open]

  • Koyama

    Located in Xintiandi, this new Japanese restaurant serves up a refreshing dining experience at reasonable prices.[open]

  • Mado Izakaya

    Rustic wood design and an impressive menu of Japanese beers and spirits sets this eatery apart from the usual upscale Japanese hotel restaurants.[open]

  • Mature

    With a measured approach, this restaurant samples many cuisines but largely features Japanese foods.[open]

  • Mondo

    A authentic, delicious taste of Japan that also has a wide selection of sake, which is served until 5am in the morning.[open]

  • Nadaman

    Part of a renowned chain of fine restaurants with 175 years of culinary tradition, Nadaman specialises in traditional Japanese cuisine such as the Kaiseki, often described as 'the art of [open]

  • Ooedo

    Opened way back in 1994,(the first branch on Donghu Rd), Ooedo is still serving up classic Japanese cuisine.[open]

  • Sendo

    Sendo is a contemporary Japanese cuisine and lounge providing fresh, first-rate sushi. The kitchen has created a diverse menu that includes Ebi, top black wagyu, sukiyaki, oysters from France, and [open]

  • Shari Modern Japanese Cuisine

    An abundant 1000 square meters is the setting for this elegant and quiet garden house dedicated to sushi. Served alongside this classic Japanese dish is an array of drinks from [open]

  • Shintori Null-2

    All the world's a stage at this industrial culinary powerhouse. Presentation is key here, down to your personal choice of ceramic sake cup. [open]

  • Sumo Sushi

    Pick your favourites off the conveyor belt as it makes it's way round, and the hotpots are worth a whirl too.[open]

  • SUN with AQUA Japanese Dining & Bar

    A trendy, fancy, high-end restaurant receiving full marks for ostentation and opulence.[open]

  • Sushi Hisago

    Small sushi joint dominated by wooden interiors, with chefs that hand-make all the foodstuffs, from the wasabi down to the rolls.[open]

  • Sushi Inc.

    Nestled against a tall black waterfall and fenced in by silver-sprayed bamboo, this upscale and elegantly designed eatery is brought to you by the same folks as Haiku by Hatsune. [open]

  • Sushi Oyama

    Fine Japanese sushi restaurant that offers a multi-course custom menu that changes nightly for reservation-only guests. Seafood is imported directly from Tokyo and Nagasaki.[open]

  • Sushi'O

    Sip on a "saketini" in a relaxed decor at the heart of the French concession. Savor the lip-smacking signature rolls: a creative Sino-French-fusion-of-the-American-version-of-the-Japanese-maki. Enjoy further great value on daily specials, [open]

  • Tairyo

    Down cups of all-you-can-drink sake while guzzling down the all-you-can-eat Japanese fish and meats at this Shanghai favorite for overindulgence.[open]

  • Takumi

    The cooking style (known as robata) at this upscale Japanese eatery originates in Hokkaido.[open]

  • Tun Tori Ya

    Rustic Japanese comforts and yummy yakitori.[open]

  • Utsuwa Meshi

    Escaping the close confines of TianZiFang for a more open-air approach, the new version of Meshi still has sushi, sashimi, udon and tempura to munch on.[open]

  • Xenlon

    A Japanese restaurant featuring tuna of all shapes and sizes, served up in a quiet and graceful environment by a Tuna Cuisine Champion from the world's raw fish capital.[open]

  • Yi Luo Hua

    Munch on meats, vegetables and seafood fresh from the sizzling hot plate.[open]