• 3.Top Restaurant

    Though the volume of South Asian dishes makes ordering a little daunting, 3.Top is a tastefully designed restaurant and bar in attractive surroundings.[open]

  • Amazing Grace

    Fusing a love for food and nostalgia for home into a very traditional Malaysian-Singaporean menu, owner Grace uses a mix of Chinese, Indian and native Malay ingredients to create heart-warming [open]

  • Bali Bali Shanghai

    This Indonesian-inspired restaurant serves a range of classical and modern Southeast Asian dishes. With its comfortable but energized décor, located in the historical architecture of TaiKang Road, the atmosphere is [open]

  • Bali Bistro

    The flavors of Indonesia grace the tables at this restaurant where lumpia goreng and otak otak are ready to satisfy. Spicy hot beef curry and chicken satays add to adventurous [open]

  • Bali Laguna

    Adjoining a man-made lake, Bali Laguna is a resort-like restaurant set in the Shanghai business district. From the sunny outdoor eating area to the breezy veranda overlooking the lake, [open]

  • Belgian Beer Cafe Leuven

    This international chain restaurant located in the Jing An Kerry Centre offers a wide range of Belgian specialty beers. Beer enthusiasts can find in every Belgian Beer Cafe a selection of [open]

  • Borobudur

    A family friendly atmosphere and authentic, simple Indonesian cuisine.[open]

  • Brasa Chicken

    Freshly prepared Peruvian-style rotisserie chicken with delicious sides and salads. Each Brasa chicken is marinated for 24 hours and slowly cooked over a bed of hardwood charcoals for one hour. [open]

  • Brothers Kebab @ Wulumuqi

    Brothers Kebab came to life in 2013 when a couple of good friends from Denmark finally gave in to their own kebab craving and opened a small shop in Changle [open]

  • CASA

    After spending six years in Japan, the owner of CASA found herself infatuated with the gentle experience that comes with Japanese dining. Believing this service to be a fundamental part [open]

  • Chalet Suisse

    Cozy chalet-style restaurant serving Swiss favorites, including homemade cheese fondue, raclette and roesti.[open]

  • Chambar Belgium Bistro(closed)

    Three floors full of dining and entertainment. This bistro features authentic mussels cooked in six different ways and 18 types of Belgian beer, alongside a wine cellar, a cigar humidor, [open]

  • Chao Ren Xuan

    Chao Ren Xuan[open]

  • Charmant

    As the name suggests, charming place that serves Taiwan style dishes with popular shaved ice desserts that are a must try. [open]

  • Coconut Paradise

    Amongst many great restaurants in Shanghai, Coconut Paradise shines for its attention to detail, affordability, attentive service and sexy tropical décor, not to mention fantastic food![open]

  • Coffee Tree

    Fresh organic coffee and a healthy menu at this European-style café.[open]

  • Da Qing Hua

    Rustic minimalism and fortifying staples from China’s North-East. Try the Di San Xian, stir fried eggplant, potato and green pepper. It’s a crowd pleaser.[open]

  • Dai Palace

    A small city in Zhejiang Province, Jiangshan was the birthplace of the controversial and fearsome General Dai Li, who played a key role in the KMT. Serving up private home [open]

  • De Refter

    A cozy Belgian style Brasserie boasting more than 100 Belgian beers. De Refter is a perfectly blended bar offering an intimate, friendly and relaxed atmosphere mixed with a classy crowd [open]

  • Delight Food

    One of Shanghai’s only Belgian-style brasseries, preparing classic Belgian cuisine and assorted Italian snacks.[open]

  • Ding Tai Fung

    Taiwanese chain lauded for their delicious dumplings.[open]

  • Dongbei BBQ

    No frills do it yourself BBQ. Like camping, it aint pretty but sure is satisfying.[open]

  • Dragon Inn

    A Taiwanese tavern of modern cuisine and classic decoration.[open]

  • Efes Restaurant Turkish & Mediterranean Cuisine

    Enlivening the soul of the Ottoman Empire in the heart of Pudong, Efes serves up modern twists on Turkish classics. Try the kebabs, chargrilled for extra smoky flavor, and the [open]

  • The Fellas

    A rebranded and refurbished of the space that used to be Shen, The Fellas is a terrace bar with a selection of Italian dishes prepared by the kitchen at Goodfellas [open][ 1 Event ]

  • Five

    Cozy Southeast Asian restaurant that uses food and the ancient Chinese art of feng shui to realign your body's quintet of elements.[open]

  • Flying Elephant Restaurant

    A Russian restaurant renowned for its terrifying authenticity.[open]

  • Food Fusion Malaysian Cuisine

    This chain of Malaysian restaurants have become renowned amongst South East Asians as one of the best venues in Shanghai to serve the region's varied dishes.[open]

  • Garlic Turkish Restaurant

    From the team behind Pasha, Garlic provides a Turkish dining experience that should make the entire family happy.[open]

  • Glismatten Swiss Fondue House

    It's all in the name - fondue is the centerpiece at this homey chalet.[open]

  • Golden Beef Noodles

    If you're traveling to Beijing be sure to visit Golden Beef Noodles which serves up authentic Taiwanese cuisine in the heart of Chaoyang district. The menu features all the island [open]

  • Himalaya Nepalese Restaurant

    Dealing in the exotic, there's plenty of flavor to be sampled at this Nepalese restaurant, where it's the food or the decor.[open]

  • The Hub Cafe

    This is a straight-friendly cozy cafe situated in the bustling corner of Middle Fuxing Road and Ruijin Er Road at the Former French Concession. If you're looking for a rich [open]

  • In.delicacy

    Squirreled away inside TangQiao Park, amidst dense camphor trees, Taiwanese specialties await.[open]

  • Jack's Place

    Southeast Asian food.[open]

  • Jiang Nan Cun

    Jiang Nan Cun Domestic cards[open]

  • JoJo Restaurant

    While not all the menu items at this eatery originated in Taiwan, they are all foods that the Taiwanese hold close to their heart, whether it's Original Taiwan Flavored Chicken [open]

  • Kervan Orient Express

    Kervan offers all the most popular of Turkey's specialties, using high-quality ingredients to create affordable, authentic food in a warm and relaxed setting at the heart of People’s Square. All [open]

  • Khubilai Khan

    Hot-pot is the specialty here, twinged with a Mongolian edge and full of the little touches that turn a good restaurant into a favorite.[open]

  • Latina Grill

    One of the few "churrascaria" joints in town, Latina serves a delicious, extensive Brazilian barbecue, including all kinds of meat and an ample buffet of sides to go with it.[open]

  • Le Voyage

    Le Voyage is an atmospheric, new Asian fusion restaurant connected to the Ketangjian Boutique Hotel. The heavily Thai-influenced menu features several curries, as well as an excellent pork neck salad.[open]

  • Lei Garden Chiuchou

    Lei Garden Chiuchou All cards[open]

  • Leonidas

    Confectioner specializing in fresh, handmade Belgian chocolates, created without any preservatives. Choose from 110 varieties in one of the eight stores scattered throughout the city. Shanghai’s first branch of Leonidas launched [open]

  • Let’s Noodle

    Simple joint selling delicious steaming bowls noodles, with options like beef brisket and beef tendon. There are also several Taiwanese favorites on the menu, including three-cup chicken and pepper steak.[open]

  • Li Xuan

    Li Xuan Chaozhou Cuisine is a brand new restaurant for casual dining or business banquets. The dining space, which can accommodate 80 people, together with an elegant environment and fine [open]

  • Little Face Asian Kitchen & Bar

    Classy restaurant with pan-Asian panache across both its food and interiors.[open]

  • Lotus Restaurant

    Lotus Restaurant's peaceful environment provides authentic and traditional dishes from Hubei - a Chinese province famed for fish. Inside, they use various unique and sometimes unexpected techniques to steam, stew [open]

  • Lumbini Tibet Restaurant & Bar

    Authentic Tibetan restaurant bringing not just the food, but also the culture of the plateau down to Shanghai. Prepare to have your ears assaulted with traditional greetings, singing and toasting [open]

  • Made in Indonesia

    They certainly picked the right name: this little store-like restaurant resembles a little part of Indonesian street culture amidst the turmoil of PuDong.[open]


    Makan Meaning "place" in Arabic, it offers a truly unique and unforgettable experience where the best of Arabic cuisine by chefs from Dubai ,entertainment, and culture in presented in a [open]

  • My Butchery

    A neighborhood butchery offering 14 different types of meat.[open]

  • My Nyonya Gallery Authentic Malaysian Cuisine Restaurant n Cafe'

    An authentic Malaysian cuisine restaurant which serve the real Malaysia Nyonya foods.[open]

  • N'More

    Offering modern dishes that touch on favorites from Southeast Asian culture, this restaurant presents a combination of warm service, superb food and cozy environs.[open]

  • Pasha Turkish Restaurant

    This Turkish restaurant presents a sophisticated smattering of traditional Turkish cuisine, served in large portions. Lamb in any form is a must.[open]

  • Red Square

    Russian restaurant located in an interesting and literally enchanting historic building, which stands out as the landscape of this part of the city that you can not pass by. [open]

  • Red Square

    Red Square is a roomy Russian restaurant in the 1933 Building. They serve a wide variety of Eastern European cuisine in inexpensive, tapas-like portions allowing you to sample both the [open]

  • Simon's Test Kitchen

    Something between Din Tai Fung and Element Fresh, but at half their prices. Xiaolongbao and fresh vegetable juices are the mainstays of this "test" kitchen, with the "real" venue scheduled [open]

  • Spread the Bagel

    The physical shop version of the website where you can order bagels online.[open]

  • To The Sea

    As its name suggests, this Pudong riverside eatery focuses on serving up fresh, high-quality seafood from around the world as part of its Mediterranean-inspired menu put together by head chef [open]

  • TUK Turkish & Mediterranean Restaurant

    Authentic Turkish cuisine located centrally near Jing'An temple.[open]

  • Tung Ah Chao Zhou Restaurant

    Tung Ah Chao Zhou Restaurant All cards[open]

  • Villa du Lac

    A beautiful lakeside Chinese restaurant serving traditional and modern Yangzhou (Huaiyang) palace cuisine, plus a few Shanghainese and Cantonese dishes.[open]

  • Vitosha Restaurant

    Through its rich history, Bulgarian cuisine has brought together a melange of Mediterranean flavors, borrowing facets from the cuisines of its neighbors to create a distinctive set of original dishes. [open]

  • Wan Jia Deng Huo

    Wan Jia Deng Huo[open]

  • Wattz


  • Xianqiangfang Hongqiao shop

    Chinese food culture has a long and splendid history, and various cuisines have been in great development and change since ancient times. Well-known as “local traditional food in china”, XIAN [open]

  • Xiao Hong Fan Shu

    This "small red potato" restaurant specializes in Taiwanese cuisine, with a dash of Shanghai food thrown in.[open]