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601 Waima Road, Building 3, Room 118



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After spending six years in Japan, the owner of CASA found herself infatuated with the gentle experience that comes with Japanese dining. Believing this service to be a fundamental part of the eating experience, she decided to infuse it into her Italian eatery. But it isn’t just the service that inspired her. CASA serves as an Italian and Japanese fusion concept, mixing Japanese traditional food and traditional Italian cooking techniques.

Located at the Cool Docks, Casa enjoys the quaint and relaxing atmosphere of the Bund. ‘Casa’ in Italian means ‘home’ and the comfortable outdoor seating makes it the perfect place to sit down feel the light breeze on your face as you enjoy some afternoon tea, or relax inside as the warm and cosy furnishings take you to a more rustic place.

Opening time: 11am to 1am
6330 3022