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Bldg 2, 45 Caoxi Bei Lu, Tianyaoqiao Lu

漕溪北路45号2楼, 近天钥桥路


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Makan Meaning "place" in Arabic, it offers a truly unique and unforgettable experience where the best of Arabic cuisine by chefs from Dubai ,entertainment, and culture in presented in a dazzling ensemble. The MAKAN experience begins as you are welcomed into a wondrous space with intricate Dubai Arabian decor.
The MAKAN restauran provides a venue to showcase the best of the middle eastern culture. Promote cultural exchange and understanding through a delightful food and entertainment experience

MAKAN's cuisine takes inspiration from the journey of the Silk road, where traditional Arabic ingredients are sourced and prepared with exciting new elements as the incredible journey unfolds. A diverse offering of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean food, Creation of a unique, signature MAKAN blend of Chinese and Arab dishes, Fusion of Arabic and Chinese ingredients, flavors and techniques.