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Brothers Kebab @ Wulumuqi

247-7 Wulumuqi Middle Road (near Wuyuan Rd)


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+86 (21) 6483 5077

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Brothers Kebab came to life in 2013 when a couple of good friends from Denmark finally gave in to their own kebab craving and opened a small shop in Changle Lu. We now have multiple locations across the city and there is more to come.

Our philosophy is simple, be it in our personal lives or in business - we put integrity first in everything we do. We find a great sense of purpose in serving a quality meal with a smile at a very reasonable price. That’s it!
Integrity is what you do when no one is watching; it's doing the right thing all the time. Integrity is keeping your word!
All our food is made from scratch with fresh high quality ingredients. It’s all about great food that we can’t stop craving ourselves.

MEAT ROLLS are made from high quality imported halal certified meat. We cut and marinade the meat ourselves before carefully building the rolls by hand. This ensures that you get the same great taste every time no matter what store you visit.
Falafel and hummus is made inhouse from scratch with quality chickpeas and other fresh ingredients. The same goes for our tzatziki and sauces. To give you and example we even make our own mayonnaise from scratch to ensure a great and consistent taste. For the garlic mayo we pack it with fresh garlic to get a proper kick. Try it with our imported super crispy french fries...