• Chuan Guo Yan Yi

    From Sichuan to Haikou and on to Guangzhou. Now, this spicy food chain has burnt a path through the mouths of China.[open]

  • Deng Ji Chuan Cai

    A Sichuan restaurant that excels in its authenticity and variety of spicy flavors.[open]

  • Happy Chilli

    Melding a bit of old-school with some new-wave creativity, this fancy restaurant exudes a self-important aspect that doesn't diminish its quality cuisine.[open]

  • Pin Chuan

    Pin Chuan offers a comfortable environment and wide range of unique Sichuan dishes, complete with a helpful chili rating system. Favorites like the spicy Chengdu-style chicken and poached sliced beef [open]

  • Shu Fu

    Sichuan restaurant alight with burning spice and a red-lantern lit interior.[open]

  • Sichuan Citizen

    A restaurant version of the popular Citizen Café, this sizeable restaurant boasts a sizeable Sichuanese menu, which offers everything from simple "twice-cooked" stir fry and diced dishes, to steamed items, [open]

  • South Beauty

    South Beauty Shanghai Time Square Restaurant is located on the 5th floor of the Time Square. HuaiHai Zhonglu with a business area of 1100m. In the restaurant hall are three [open]

  • Spice Spirit

    Authentically spicy Sichuanese.[open]